Small Stone #6 January 2013

Slumberous I feel the hairs on my legs rise though the night’s heat has me sweating. My hand on my stomach morphs in to your hand. Turning I see the blood-red hour illuminated beside me, and I remember the wounds you left bleeding with a suitcase and a ticket elsewhere as your weapons.

eloctronic clock numbers


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    1. Awwwwwww…thank you. I woke in the night – turned and saw the clock and had to jump and grab a pen…it just wrote itself. Chevvy was a little peeved I think. After all it was 2.39 am when all normal people sleep. I am so thrilled you like this one…so thrilled.


  1. All the best of our writing Jo is done within the Wee small hours of our thoughts… and this was no small stone! but a Rock! ….
    Sending you my thoughts in your sweltering night of heat…. While I shiver away in Wet and Windy Eng… LOL 🙂 Hugs to you xox


    1. It is really hot today Sue…but I am locked away inside. Did something to my eyes yesterday. Spent most of the night at A&E. They are better but still not happy in the sunlight so even going in to the lounge means donning sunglasses. Should be all good by Wednesday…corneas heal quickly they say.


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