Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions. This year that hasn’t changed.

But…oh yes there is always a but…I do have goals.

1) Finish the book.

2) Write 31 ‘small stones’ in January.

3) Take a photo a day for the Project 365 – 2013

4) Take a self-portrait a day beginning January 31st for Michael Maven’s 365 Club 2013

3 & 4 will probably end up combining a lot…

5) Be kinder to myself and others

6) Exercise more

7) Finish painting the deck

8) Paint the lounge/dining/kitchen

9) Declutter BIG time

10) Play more with the fur babies

And that will do Jo…that will do !

And here is one of my photos I posted in Project 365. With a little tweaking of course.

digitally enhanced photo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved





    1. I like the sound of the top then. Yep it is scary to do self-portraits but I am trying to step out of my comfort zone this year and shake it up a little. Luckily it can also be body parts…not all of you. And the guy running it mentors the group. He is a brilliant photographer. The aim is that by the end of it you really KNOW your camera and how to use it…because every shot has to be different. So you have to play around. I really need that to push me to try knew things.


  1. Am in the same vain as adinparadise. I have shot them, but end up placing them in such a way that most don’t realize it is me -kinda like find Waldo. I just don’t do lists or resolutions, for me it would be self induced disappointment by the yard.


  2. These are some great goals for 2013! I just updated my progress for my 101 in 1001 list (http://perfectingmotherhood.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/101-in-1001-challenge-update-january-2013/) and now I want to change a few challenges on the list to make some specific things happen.

    I need to take part in that Project 355-2013 challenge, even though there’s no way I will take and post a photo every day. I’m still not sure how it all works and where you’re supposed to post…


      1. Thanks, I think that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t want to clog up my website with the daily photos, but I added the album to my FB page and I’ll post on their FB page as well (but probably not every day!).


  3. #1β€”on my list, too. And that self-portrait challenge sounds interesting. Will have a look at that.
    Please do a post on how you tweaked that photo (start to finish). I absolutely love it.


    1. I used Picasa for the editing.

      1. I inverted the colours
      2. I upped the saturation
      3. I deepened the shadows
      4. I sharpened it
      5. I cropped it a little
      6. I boosted the colours

      Done !!!


  4. Oh so it was portraits you were on about – I didn’t get it! blimey I wouldn’t be able to do that, if a photographer can’t take a pic of me that I like there’s no hope!
    Anyway this one is stunning, my favourite colours too!


    1. I hate photos of me Gilly. Not many around these days…but I am hoping that it will make me accept the changes more. Find things that I like about how I look. And it will really take me way out of my confort zone so that will be good for me – I think. It sure did this morning when I started playing around to get an image I wanted.


        1. πŸ˜‰
          I should probably say fur & feather babies if we are to be PC about it…but Crash is pretty laid back so I won’t worry too much…


  5. Such an inspiring list of resolved goals. Wishing you an even more amazing and exciting 2013. As for me, more reasons of happiness for the New Year. Hmm…I guess I have to save up for some fun Summer vacation as early as now. Happy New Year!


  6. Great Pick and Mix of Goals Jo πŸ˜€
    Love the editing you’ve done there – could be a painting !
    Showers going to take longer nowadays then !
    Going to pop over to see your project 365 both !


  7. I love seeing pictures of your fur babies. Poor Miles had some teeth removed last Friday. He’s ten now–can’t believe. And I can’t wait for you to finish your novel! Can I sign up now to be one your first reviewers? Don’t mean to be pushy–just super excited for it!


    1. I love seeing my fur babies…hehehe
      Poor Miles. Was it traumatic for him ??? Give him a {{{hug}}} or two from me. Yes you can be one of them…of course you were already on my list to ask !!!!!


      1. SAAAWWEEEEEET! Looking forward to it. As for Miles he was quite groggy for a couple of days. Yesterday he had his checkup appointment and I thought he would resist walking back into the vets office. Instead he pranced in and was excited to see all of them and played with everybody. So I’m guessing he’s forgotten the entire thing.


  8. You may not make resolutions … BUT … haha, there’s that but – this is a great list. They’re all very possible to accomplish. Good Luck with them and keep us posted on whether you were able to stick to them. ~~~ : – )


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