Kindness, friendship, a poet’s music and happy tears.

Sometimes life still surprises me.

Which in itself is a surprise.

Like the sunrise this morning after long weeks of dreary grey mornings.

Then came an eagerly awaited parcel.

I knew not what it contained – only that both Chevvy and I were to get a belated birthday surprise.

I was so eager to open it I never read the customs form. Had I done that, what peaked at me from the purple/blue wrapping paper would still of been a surprise.

How it is that someone can know your soul when they have never seen the flecks in your eyes ?

Or that a simple gift can blur your vision as you listen to the poet’s words and type what seems like such an inadequate thank you.

For you have been given you a reminder of all that life is.

Stopping, knowing, reaching, out, touching…one soul to another.

Thank you Corina...for stopping to know me.

Chevvy has the tag on but is hiding under the bed.

She does that.

I have no idea why !

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  1. hAppy birthday!!! what better way to start off the year than with tears of joy & Rodriguez…. beautiful post & i agree with you about the inadequacy of “thank you”…


  2. those are some incredible gifts!
    Happy Birthday, belatedly! On your actual bday I read your post via my phone app but the dang thing wouldn’t cooperate to send you a reply!
    Your poetry is always so perfect…i love how you express huge thoughts with an economy of words!


  3. Life keeps shocking the hell out of me. I’m glad this one was a happy jolt that makes you believe in the good. Enjoy the wonderful gifts. Does Chevvy want a bone? That would work with Miles. He’s a simple dog.


      1. Ah, Chevvy and Miles would be best friends. He loves smelly stuff. I still don’t understand why he smells dog poop on our walks. He runs right up to it and takes a good whiff.


        1. Ahhhh…doggy poop. Yep Chevvy and Miles would do well together. She loves doggy poop and discovering who has been about. Thank God people don’t do that.


  4. πŸ™‚ I’m so happy that you liked them (and that Chevvy did, too)! You’re a special woman, so you definitely deserved a special present. Now even when the days are grey you will have something to listen to to make ya smile. *hugs* xox


    1. I love them Corina.
      Thank you from every part of me. It is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I was really blown away. Really blown away. I have already put both on the computer so I can listen as I type. Rodriguez is such a genius…his words so amazing…his music so inspiring. And I am soooooooooooooo happy right now. Listening to Sandrevan Lullaby…


    1. They sure are. I got another one yesterday from The Daughter. A new phone as the buttons on mine no longer worked. It is so cool but oh so complicated. Getting used to new stuff really does get harder as you get older.


    1. And it appears you have been told correctly Pete.
      The Rodriguez concert…hmmmmmmmmmmmm…but that is another story for another time.


  5. Jo, you’re like a tiny Tsunami of love. It starts where you are, with the ripples spreading around the world, touching people and places in ways you may never realize. Every time my boat rocks, I smile and think of you. Happy Birthday. πŸ™‚


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