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Help keep Joanne alive.

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Joanne. We met years ago through a poetry group and just clicked. She is one of the best, brightest, kindest & funniest women I have had the privilege to call a friend. She is also one of the bravest, spunkiest women I know. As cancer has wreaked… Continue reading Help keep Joanne alive.

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In the flesh.

In the blogging world we get to meet all types of people. Some we click with, some we don't. What a blessing it is when we do form a friendship, even if it is in the waves in the air between us. It does not diminish how much these friendships mean to us. What a… Continue reading In the flesh.

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Goodbye my Friend.

This morning Gilly messaged me with the news of Christine's passing. As I went to her blog to read Stuart's post I was not surprised to find the tears rolling down my cheeks. Friendships come to us so unexpectedly at times. We might be sitting in a Chinese restaurant when it walks in, in the… Continue reading Goodbye my Friend.

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Sunday Post: Hope

I feel that I have been neglectful has gotten rather busy. But I did promise a post about the adventures of Marianne, her hubby and Moi here goes. On Sunday they arrived around lunchtime and we picked up right where we left off. What a wonderful couple they are. Watching them [after so… Continue reading Sunday Post: Hope

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tis the season…

I have found in the time I have been blogging that the community that exists is special in so many areas. It's informative, fun, passionate, BUT the most important quality I have found in it is that is is supportive. At times I have been asked: Isn't it time consuming ? How can you ever… Continue reading tis the season…

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Titles suck – I hate having to think them up !!!

The title in truth has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But after having spent ten minutes trying to think one up...well, that's what I think of titles. Today at some point little old Chronicles of Illusions will pass the 300,000 hit mark. That's me being very presumptuous and going on the usual number… Continue reading Titles suck – I hate having to think them up !!!

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Kindness, friendship, a poet’s music and happy tears.

Sometimes life still surprises me. Which in itself is a surprise. Like the sunrise this morning after long weeks of dreary grey mornings. Then came an eagerly awaited parcel. I knew not what it contained - only that both Chevvy and I were to get a belated birthday surprise. I was so eager to open… Continue reading Kindness, friendship, a poet’s music and happy tears.

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When two roll in to one…

Growing up in Wollongong and Sydney I was always within tasting distance of the ocean's perfume. I have always felt its pull. As I walk within her, friendship is offered as a salty caress. Yet I know how quickly her temper can change...she reminds me of me. I am lucky that the ocean is still… Continue reading When two roll in to one…


When you lose a parent.

A friend’s mother died last week. It brought back memories of the day my father died and the feelings that engulfed me then. Losing anyone is – painful seems such an inadequate word - I became numb, for weeks. Throughout this time the only subject I was interested in was Dad. I constantly wanted to… Continue reading When you lose a parent.