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Sunday Post: Black & White

Jake’s Sunday Post this week is Black & White.

As the weather has been all shades of grey lately here…I thought I would post this.


71 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Black & White”

    1. Thanks Gemma…I was lucky that day. Out tikki touring with a friend and she slammed on the brakes, threw me out of the car and said go…take photos !!!
      Can’t wait to see all the others this week.


    1. Well I just had to go look it up now didn’t I ?? We are so going there when I come over. As if I wouldn’t come find you in my travels…silly girl !!!!


          1. I “Google” everything Gilly. Almost as big an obsession as The Boys these days.
            So what is your definition of a ‘chufty badge’ please.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I can see what you mean about the tree-lined road. In my picture, it had not been a road in many, many years.
    You have a very interesting blog. I will be around again.


  2. Wow, this is gorgeous! I can picture this blown up in size and used as a focal point on a wall (lit from above and from in front a little bit with track lighting) in a modern-style black and white living room. Fantastic feel to this one.


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