Chewbacca’s armpit and the gay snowman.

Well…the only thing I can say about this e-mail I received is that is that it left me crying tears and almost peeing myself. Read on and I think you’ll understand.

Oh and this post is specifically directed at someone I know.


I know some interesting characters…I know.

So !!!

Do you think their pain was worth it…hehehe ???



  1. I can tell you from first hand experience it does burn like hell šŸ™‚

    My wife used Immac Hair Removal cream and always left it sitting about.

    I went to wash my hair with gel but got the immac instead, about 10 seconds after applying the burning pain started.

    I had my head under the water for about 10 minutes washing it out. i was lucky i still have hair:)


  2. THAT is friggin hilarious! Laughed so hard I could hardly read it. Tears came to my eyes. Although, I’m sure these poor dudes had way more tears shed over their sorrowful and painful experiences. Thanks for the laughs!


    1. Well I am not sure if he used this…maybe I sould recommend it to him.
      I do know he likes them…clean I guess you should say.
      Never seen how he does it though…hehehe


  3. OMG…I can’t stop laughing! I must send this on in e-mail form to some people now. I applaud the men who tried this and their fantastic writing skills, and kudos to YOU for sharing it with us. Thank you so much for this. šŸ˜€ This is by far the funniest thing I have read in a loooooooong time!


  4. Men! But great fun!
    Someone should have told them to test it on a small, less delicate area, first…


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