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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week’s theme is inside. When you Google INSIDE you find out there are 7 films titled Inside and a few albums or songs. You can apparently turn things inside out. That is something I have tried with myself…interesting outcome. There is inside trading, looking inside from the outside, and I found this seriously wicked video by Rok Predin. This person is so talented it is scary.

So…did you think it was amazing ????

But me – well there is one thing that has always fascinated me.

What is inside the box ?

The letterbox to be exact. I miss the days of running out to the letterbox, throwing it open to reveal its secret stash. And that belly rumbling excitement when there was an envelope addressed to me.

So in honour of letterboxes and their hidden contents…

And my personal favourite…the best use anyone can find for a microwave oven !!!!!

For more of the inside scoop…


90 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside”

    1. Thanks Arindam. it is my favourite also. I found it one day when visiting a friend for lunch. After we went out for a walk and to my delight – there it was.


  1. I loved your video images..Especially the beautiful flower that opens and the bear is inside.. Your mailboxes are very creative. My favorite is the one with the shells… very pretty… I need a new mail box.. I think it may be really cool to make one.. or perhaps decorate and try to fix my old one. It is on a country side road and some one or maybe a snow plow dented the side… I think with a little ingenuity and creativity.. I may actually be able to salvage it.. One less item in the land fill.. Now that is a grand idea!!!!


  2. Hey there, at last a minute to visit. Have to admit I haven’t always had the time to read your posts but as they are emailed to me I do what I can. Determined to spend more time in blog land! Loved the video – though croc was a bit scary and a train in a bottle – should be a ship πŸ™‚ Still love the walk to the mailbox! Take care,


    1. Lovely to see you here Cheryl and catch up. I know what you mean though…sometimes it is hard to keep up with everyone and always comment. Life just gets in the way.


  3. I love those post boxes! The girly one with shells πŸ™‚ What’s inside the box? well it has the stuff you’re not ready to look at yet. You can take out one piece at a time to deal with and leave the rest safely contained πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks. I really miss letters. E-mails just don’t do it for me. When my son went to Naval bootcamp I was thrilled that the only way to contact him for a few weeks was by letter. Wow – that sounds odd i know…but I cherished the letters he sent me.


  4. What a neat video! I also thought that it should be a ship in the bottle, not a train, and I didn’t understand the bear inside the flower (unless it was like, a giant, bear-eating variety of pitcher plant…haha). But still an interesting video. Thanks for sharing! Now, the mailboxes…yeah I really dig the one with the mosaic. But a microwave? Seriously? LOL that is crazy. I guess it’s a creative way to recycle it, though, so at least it’s not leaching into the groundwater in some landfill someplace. I have to wonder what the postman must think about some of them, though….and I need to send you another snail mail letter soon. πŸ™‚


    1. I liked his videos so much I just had to share…some people are soooooo clever.
      I love the microwave…recycling at it’s pinnacle if you ask me !!!!
      Yes please – I LOVE snail mail.


  5. I so miss the days when I would look forward to mail. Now I cover my eyes and open the bills slowly. Love the microwave one! I have a microwave that is sitting around storing my water bottles. I can’t remember the last time I used an actual microwave to heat up anything.


  6. Great photos Jo! I used to have that over-excited feeling about going to the letter box to see if it contained anything for me, until one day there was a brown snake guarding it.


  7. These are all very quaint and cool. Nowdays however, inbox has replaced a letterbox and I don’t think we are all so eager to see the content of it.


    1. So true Paula. I just don’t get THAT buzz like I used to with the mailbox. And these days the mailbox usually just depresses me because it is all bills as no-one writes letters anymore.


      1. Yes, or spam mail or adverts ;). It is a shame really. I do have some old fashioned friends still that send me real cards and gifts for Xmas and b-day, and then my joy matches the joy of a teenager I used to be πŸ™‚


          1. Somebody once said something about happiness consisting in postponed moment…. something like that. That’s why we eat desserts at the end of the meal I think πŸ˜‰


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