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Sunday Post: Collectibles

I’m late again with this post…I know.

But I didn’t think I had anything to show this week.

Silly me…

You see my Aunt Ed is a spoon collector and she seems to have passed that gene on to me. Not that my collection is anywhere near hers, but I am working on it.

Some I have gathered myself.

Others I have begged from friends as they tour the world.

Others…well I might just keep THAT secret.

Interested in what others collect ???

Pop over to see Jake and the rest who take part in his Sunday Posts.


Oh and I am always happy to take in any stray spoons…just trying to do my bit !!!!!!!!!!


50 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Collectibles”

  1. You forgot one more collection, dear Jo. Blog followers who adore you and your writing, your perspectives and your beautiful, genuine spirit. I think you know who’s holding the flag at the front of the line, too:)

    Love you, Jo:)


    1. Oh no – my Aunt’s collection is museum worthy. She has so many and they have glass cases. Some of these she sent to me a few years ago to add to my small horde. I treasure those ones immensely, and there are a couple that belonged to my Dad which have real value for me as well.


          1. Oh yes, I do. πŸ™‚ I love when people share their treasured possessions while they are still alive, instead of waiting until it is too late and then the person who receives them can’t share their appreciation.


    1. They are packed away at present except for the few that are hanging in my daughter’s old room. But you’re right…forgetting them is almost blasphemy.


  2. My grandmother collected spoons and recently when I was on a trip I briefly considered starting my own collection. However, I have a few collections already, but they are cute. Now I’m kicking myself. I would love to know the secret spoons πŸ˜‰


    1. Ahhhhh…but then it wouldn’t be a secret would it ????
      So what do you collect ? I realised after I have a few collections as well…and so do The Kiddywinkles. The Son collects lighters, houses (from Holland…it’s a Dutch thing). Pokemon, cards, and The Daughter had over 300 plastic/paper/who knows what bags, and key rings.
      So they do carry my genes after all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I love spoons because I used to love looking at my aunt’s in the glass cases, dreaming of all the places they represented…and they don’t take up much room or weigh a lot.


  3. Another quirk revealed Jo Bryant πŸ™‚ they are lovely! A couple of years ago in Marrakech I found a shop with the most lovely spoons ever so I bought one for a quirky friend – who doesn’t collect them but it was perfect for her – and I really loved it. Anyway strangely it went missing so I gave her something else. It finally turned up at least a year later and boy was it hard to hand it over, I so wanted to keep it, but I was good and she adored it.


    1. Another quirk ??? What ever do you mean Gilly ??? I bet she was thrilled. It is always amazing when friends take the time to find something that has meaning to you.


  4. How musical these would be if you strung them up in a kind of xylofone? Aaaargh- I can’t spell it! I’ve tried putting a z in a few places but it looks wrong. Whose bad idea was this comment anyway?


  5. This is the first time I see someone collecting spoons πŸ™‚ Nice to see they are not greasy ;). Beautiful shots of an impressive collection Jo!


  6. My grandmother collected miniature plates, she hung them on the wall and I loved looking at them as I sat in her kitchen while she made me an amazing breakfast. I had no idea you were a spoon collector, it is a beautiful hobby. πŸ™‚


  7. Your spoon collection is overwhelming to me. I can’t imagine having so many things of the same thing. I am a collector of art but it is never the same. It shows a lot of consistency. I suppose that’s what it comes down to; enjoying something consistently. Very nice ….. You’ll have to list the ones your looking for so bloggers could be on the look-out and send them to you. Bet you’ll far surpass your Aunties collection. ~~~~ : – )


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