Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Ohhhhhhhh – all excited at this week’s challenge.

Then again…

I’m easily excited.

This week I am putting a couple of different photos up.


This is an East African Crowned Crane

I did play around with the texture by adding an Impressionist filter.



I smoothed out the texture of the water and the sand, but left the wall and the girl au natural…

It is a favourite of mine – the dreamy quality draws me in every time.



This was taken as I trekked up to see the crater of an active volcano in Volcano Park National De Virunga.

Luckily it was not too active after the first big eruption a few days before.

Nature is amazing and I haven’t messed with this photo.

For another shot


If you want more interpretations of the weeks theme – The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is where you should look.



  1. For Jo…
    9/9/11 A Different Flame

    The fall of autumn
    She gasped and cried
    Though not for loss
    But for the gain
    Of red, orange, yellow fire
    And that first day of frost
    When bug life leaves
    And just a hint of chill
    Allows for the full hearth
    To warm our hearts

    JulesPaige /davh


  2. It only erupted a few days before. 🙂 That sounds exciting. did it smell like sulpher? Did you stick your arm in that hole? I love these textures. The second one is freeing and lovely. would make a nice poster.


    1. It stank of sulphur. No I did not stick my hand in the hole – it was hot. One of the guys had rubber soled shoes that melted as we walked to the top of the crater. I am fixing up the rest of the photos – some are a little damaged – and then I thought I’d post them as well. It was terribly exciting – though tiring getting there and back. We camped one night and froze as all the trees were burnt so there was no real shelter.


      1. I will always remember learning in school about that husband and wife team that explored volcanoes together. Their scientific pursuits and hobby eventualy claimed their lives. I always thought that it was kinda romanitc that they braved volcanoes together. I will look forward to more photos and stories then. hmmm, what other goodies you got in that bottomless bag of forgotten photos?


          1. nah not really, they really loved what they did. Spent decades doing it and It happened very late in their lives. I suppose I may be cold hearted, for thinking their ending was fitting.


          2. Well no – now that you say they were getting on. I guess at least they died doing something exciting, something they loved, and together. Now that I say it like that – YEP – what a fitting way to go. 🙂


    1. Everyone seems to love number two – which is great ’cause so do I. Number three photo is actually of a hole on the side of the crater as we were walking up to the rim. It was a really deep hole, and although you can’t see it deep inside it was glowing red.


  3. Love the crane. It’s such fun messing around with iPhoto. I used to boost color on all my sunsets but have since given that up. Other photos are still game tho’. Our top-hat chickens have similar feather poofs on their heads. Was God laughing when he added the poofs?


    1. I have to confess something about the crane photo – the reason I played with it. It was actually blurred to start off with, but I loved the movement in it so I thought I’d see if there was a way to make it work. LOL Personally I think the universe is laughing all the time at some of its absurdities. 🙂


  4. a great variety. while the volcano fascinates me, i do like the one of the girl on the wall. a great mood. thanks for sharing these! and thank you also for visiting my ‘texture’ corner and saying such kind words. yay for cats!


    1. It is so great to hear which one people favour and why. 🙂 I have to say that I love that MY FAVOURITE seems to have the concensus as the one others mainly seem to favour. I also love the girl’s stance, it is so at ease with the elements.


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