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Mrithri and Group 13

  “Shit! Someone help me out, please.” My right foot feels like it is being sucked through a straw. Thick mud is gripping it tight and the small sapling I grabbed hold of broke off at its base. No help there then. “Jo, what the hell happened?” Philip stopped laughing when the mud-ball I threw… Continue reading Mrithri and Group 13

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The Graveyard

It’s early. Twenty folk of various ages and nationalities, one broken orange Bedford truck and trailer, a cattle track, and a graveyard in Tanzania are my companions. It’s hot in or out of the sun. How hot is difficult to say since our thermometer blew up, but sweat runs from under my breasts leaving lengthy… Continue reading The Graveyard

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Little Drummer Boy #7

Sorry it took so long to post a new version...but life has a way of getting in the middle and throwing all good intentions out the window. I love this version...hope you do too. Related Posts… Little Drummer Boy #1 Little Drummer Boy #2 Little Drummer Boy #3 Little Drummer Boy #4 Little Drummer… Continue reading Little Drummer Boy #7

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Travel Theme: Rivers

“I thought how lovely and how strange a river is. A river is a river, always there, and yet the water flowing through it is never the same water and is never still. It’s always changing and is always on the move. And over time the river itself changes too. It widens and deepens as… Continue reading Travel Theme: Rivers

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RIP Nelson Mandela

When I read Nelson Mandela's book The Long Walk to Freedom I understood what greatness actually was for the first time in my life. Trust me...if you have never read this NEED to. When traveling through Africa many years ago I was privileged to see the legacy that Nelson Mandela had set in place… Continue reading RIP Nelson Mandela

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Kicking up your heels.

It is hard to not find your feet tapping, your body tingling when you are privileged to watch others dance. Especially when they transfer their emotion with the twirl of a skirt, the bob of a tassel or on the rising curl of a smile. Ailsa's theme this week is dance. I thought I'd show… Continue reading Kicking up your heels.

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OMG Stop the presses !!!!!!!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I have a huge love affair with Rodriguez and his music. It goes way back...way, way back. Surfing the net today I made a discovery. My idol of the 70's is coming to New Zealand. I just about dropped the laptop.… Continue reading OMG Stop the presses !!!!!!!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

To capture this idea of the free spirit, I would suggest breaking some rules. Sometimes it is necessary to overexpose a frame slightly and point the lens to the sun for a bit of glare to capture that sense of a different, free, moving reality - Strauss Louw. On top of Mt Kilimanjaro I sat… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

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There is rhythm all around us. Each day comes with its own sets. Last Friday a friend of my daughter lost one leg in a motorbike accident. As a parent it drew my thoughts to my children and the rhythms and patterns that their lives follow and how one moment can alter those rhythms forever.… Continue reading Rhythm

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

Yesterday one of the news headlines I read said this: The western black rhino in Africa has been declared extinct by the latest assessment of threatened species. Another animal gone forever from the Earth. This one affected me deeply as I have seen the south-central black rhinoceros up close. In Ngorogoro Crater and in The… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder