Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

The weekly photo challenge is WINDOWS.

This was taken in the mirror of a truck as Rob looked out the window.

A hotel in Moscow.

A graveyard.

Well hello world…


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    1. Oh the wonderful Banjo – he is my favourite poet. I love reading his poems – and I love listening to them read out even more. The first photo is a favourite of mine – it really captures something of the friend who is in it – for me at least.


    1. He is a friend. He also lives in NZ, and is a winemaker – I saw him a few weeks ago for a catch up.
      I’ve linked to a post about him if you want to discover who he is…
      A friend asked me last night if I had done anything to the photo of the goat because she thought that as well – and other than altering the contrast a small amount – no, but you’re right – he does look three dimensional.


    1. They sure are – graveyards fascinate me – I used to spend hours wandering one in Sydney – Waverly Cemetary
      It sits atop a cliff overlooking the sea at Bronte and many famous Australians are buried there – it is a showcase for stone masonry – and a wonderful slice of Australian history.


  1. What’s not to like here? Great photos for the windows challenge, an interesting man that is your friend and he makes wine! Some humor with Well Hello World Goat and an old graveyard shot for some mystery and mood. Great post for the photo challenge Jo!


  2. Oh, I LOVE that third one! I would frame that and hang that one on a wall. They’re all good, but I just really like the sense of ‘age’ and kind of gothic feel to that one. It was the little purple flowers that sold me on it! πŸ™‚


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