Laminated List

Well – this is maybe a bit naughty – but here is my laminated list.

You remember ‘FRIENDS’ – the list of famous people you want to – you know…

And for these guys, you get a free pass – whether or not you are in a relationship at the time.

Kevin Costner – my ultimate yummy man

1. Kevin Costner

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised at this. The man is GORGEOUS, and he spends his money on trying to make the world a better place.

Johnny Depp

2. Johnny Depp

One word: Chocolat…


3. Leonardo di Caprio

Even the name is hot.

Well…who wouldn’t?

4. Mark Wahlberg

Have you seen “The Fighter?” Enough said.

Well…just look at him !!

5. Colin Farrell

I’ve been a goner since I saw him play the role of Jesse James. And I’m a sucker for accents…especially with an Irish lilt.

6. Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester

It is really difficult to separate the two.

Now this should come as no surprise to anyone who slightly knows me. I have been an addict to the TV show SUPERNATURAL since I stumbled upon it late one night in little old New Zealand when series 1 started. we are now up to series 14. Thank God they haven’e axed it. I think a little piece of my heart my shrivel up when they finally do.

Well Jensen is just the bees knees. And truthfully, I am more than a little obsessed with his character DEAN WINCHESTER.

So – there they are. My list hasn’t changed much over the years. And these guys have just gotten better if you want my opinion.

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