‘Entry 19th May 1962 Bailed 23rd July 2019’ was how Jo signed off.

‘Haha, emergency exit and I’ve left the cancer in a body that is now dead. I win!’ was how my beautiful friend Joanne said goodbye when she penned her death notice. I will miss her forever. I will be grateful for her too short time in my life. I will be forever sad that I cannot pick up the phone to hear her voice say ‘huggles’ as she signed off our conversations.

‘Don’t even think about reading out a poem. Read this lovely article about Joanne’s life in the Bay of Plenty.’

Cancer is such a cruel disease. Getting cancer if you are not rich in New Zealand is even crueler. Too many people die each year here because of drugs not being funded by our government that can help prolong life as well as make the quality of life better.

Joanne was one of those.

Jo with her husband Rob.

Goodbye my friend. My life was and is better for having had you in it.

Read some more about my sweet, funny, clever friend Jo and her fight against the cancer that took her away from all of us who loved her:


  1. I’m sorry for your loss Jo.

    Did you notice that she was born on the same day as me? Four years younger and gone before her time…..so sad.

    RIP to your beautiful friend. X

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    1. Thanks Toni. Yes I did notice that. It is just too sad and very hard to come to grips with. I feel floored right now. I can’t imagine that I will never hear her laugh again. She had the most amazing laugh.


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