Buckshot rides again…with the Winchester boys !!!!!!

Now Friday the 3rd of August is officially Frontierado Day.

What’s that you ask ???

 Ed explains it here.

There are recipes and Frontierado Poker and Silverado.

Due to some glitches with the computer I have been lax this year in promoting what has to be one of the best thought out holidays there ever was.

And due to Ed…it just got better.

Sam: “Hey Dean, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”
Dean “Wow they weren’t kidding…Buckshot is amazing.”

Because Buckshot has been spending time with TBs. Oh yes she did !!!

Dean “How do you think she does THAT?”
Sam “Who cares as long as we can watch.”

Ain’t time travel wonderful ????

For those of you wondering who Buckshot Bryant is...head here to catch up.

And if you perchance want your own WILD WEST SAGA after reading mine then ask Ed nicely. He has done a few for us bloggers out there, as well as a few other folk.

It’s a tale like no other. Rustling, train robbing, and having her own harem of boys (The Poker Studs) is all in a day’s work for Buckshot.

Some of Buckshot’s Poker Studs were…

Dancin’ Pat Swayze


Lariat Leo DiCaprio


Colin ‘Wild Irish’ Farrell.

Considered such a badass that Cochise named her “Shoots Deadly Woman”.


Even when she settles down with the love of her life Buckshot remains a force to be reckoned with.

Kevin ‘Colorado’ Costner…Buckshot’s one true love.

But…yes there is always a but…Buckshot and Colorado Costner came to a bloody end…as all good swashbuckling love stories should.

It seems that there is more though.

Here is a snippet from the previously unknown saga of Buckshot and her time with Sam and Dean Winchester as they…well if you want to know more you’ll just have to head on over to Ed’s.

Courtesy of a package mailed to me by the late George MacDonald Fraser several years ago, but which wasn’t delivered until a few days ago (you know the mail service) I am in possession of a long-forgotten 1800′s newspaper account of a heretofore unknown adventure of Joanne “Buckshot” Bryant, the woman who keeps the spirit of Frontierado alive all year ’round!

(Clipping from the Dallas Morning News. The headline was like confetti in my hands, but I could see the date was April 19th. The year, unfortunately, could not be made out)

(indecipherable) maintains it was Buckshot Bryant herself, the Queen of the Rustlers, sitting at a table and drinking fine Kentucky bourbon. The two young men who burst into the saloon, supposedly named Sam and Dean, carried Winchester rifles and were dressed in garb the like of which none of the cowpokes or farmers in town had ever seen before.

Now read more…

Find out just how far Buckshot went with The Boys to get what she wanted…and visa versa.

Find out whether The Boys made it out in one piece !!!!!!!!!!

And because she is born on the same day I was (exactly), and is a cowboy slapping, high stepping wench…

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  1. Jo, you are the greatest! Love the western outfits on your boys AND the hilarious captions under the pictures.

    Thanks again! Since your computer was screwing up on you I want to make sure you know we picked up three new countries for Frontierado celebrations this year – Japan, Canada and Germany!

    You are always such fun – and while your computer was out you may have missed this other shoutout I gave to Buckshot and her favorite college sports team – remember them? Below is the link



    1. So glad you enjoyed this one. I had a reread of Buckshot Bryant and just got so carried away with the story again. Man you did such a good job with that saga…I love reading it. Loved the post about the football team…Hell I LOVE having a football team…go the GOLDEN WEST COLLEGE RUSTLERS

      They have not only a cool helmet but a cool mascot as well !!!!
      Rustler Sam


    1. Me too !!! Sera Gamble is gone which I think will be a good thing. Though she did some good work I felt like she let it get a little rambling with the Leviathans. And Castiel is in 8 of the episodes…yippee !!!

      They are already talking about there being a season 9 !!!!!!!
      Sam and Dean Winchester
      Oh my I don’t think my heart can stand it…

      To celebrate I am gonna spend some time right here with Jared’s very fine butt: http://jaredpadaleckisass.com/spank_it.html


      1. LOL Jared’s bum doesn’t do it for me hehe. Now Ruby … 😀 I got a few friends who will be over the moon at Cas being in them. “Pull my finger” hahahaha


          1. Dean Winchester
            The French Connection – one of my favourites as well but I think my ALL time favourite is Yellow Fever, where Dean gets ghost sickness. When he screams as that cat jumps out of the locker…gets me every time.
            Dean Winchester


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