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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_0028 copy

Okay so not a totally ‘WORDLESS’ Wednesday. Last week for my online photography course I had to take an ordinary everyday object and take a photo making it something more than it was.

So what do you think ??? Did I achieve that ??

Oh and BTW…guess who got 100% on her first assessment ???



38 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

      1. Rocket ship made out of a cheese grater? I could go for that. Why no? Is this a win / win then? Tell the rocket ship he can come out now. He’s a star…or might fly to the stars…or crash a star…:o


  1. Congratulations on the 100%

    Yes, you were successful at turning an everyday object into something more through taking an excellent photograph. I can see a lot of depth in the image, sometimes making the holes look like funnels or wells. They even even remind me of tadpoles swimming in formation! 🙂


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