Share Your World – 2014 Week 22

Cee’s Share Your World – 2014 Week 22 had a few interesting questions…so…here goes.

Regarding animals would you prefer not having them around or having domestics pets, farm animals, or seeing them in nature or the zoo?

I would shrivel if I didn’t have my fur companions. That said I feel there should be more restrictions placed on people having pets, and most certainly breeding them. They are not and should never be treated as commodities.

Living here in New Zealand where factory farming has become the next big thing I abhor animals being kept in these atrocious conditions. It astounds me that with so much land available we lock chickens up in tiny cages where they can barely turn around let alone take any pleasure in their lives. They live in great smelly buildings instead of breathing fresh air and being able to scratch and roll in the dirt. Our pigs are just as badly off. Most are locked in pens and sow cages that stop them from nurturing their babies who are then taken from them for slaughter. And now our government is allowing cattle to be treated in a similar fashion.

As for zoos, I am in two minds when it comes to them. I have seen too many animals kept in conditions that make their lives miserable. Thankfully many zoos are now changing, and realising the need to provide a natural habitat for these creatures. While I understand the work some zoos do in educating people and allowing them to see these animals and hopefully develop empathy for them there are still way too many factors that bother me. Case in point the zoo that recently bred a giraffe then while he was still a youngster shot a bolt in to its head as he was surplus to their genetic needs. I deplore this attitude many humans have of believing we have the right of dominion over other species. Until we put that behind us and make sure these creatures are able to roam free in the natural habitat then we are nothing but slavers.

Are you a collector of anything? 

Oh yes I am.

I inherited this addiction from my darling Auntie Ed, my father’s youngest sister.

Auntie Ed is in the blue. My Auntie Rita's [next to her] wedding day.
Auntie Ed is in the blue. My Auntie Rita’s [next to her] wedding day.
If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’s the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked?

If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to? 

1 minute 29 in…oh that is so me !!!! Then there is 2 minutes and 41 seconds. Oh yea baby !!!!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful that my fire is fixed as it turned cold all of a sudden, and that my three fur babies are all well and content. The upcoming week looks a bit wet…so I am grateful for that. It makes me feel less guilty for being indoors and working on the book.



  1. I liked all your points regarding cruelty to animals. Once you have a fur baby or two, you see the animal world in a more understanding way. It’s all about the money, right?

    Interesting answers for the challenge questions, Jo.


    1. Very true. I sometimes think that the world is in such a mess when we can treat other sentient beings as if they are commodities for our use and actually believe that is okay.


      1. I wonder if the violence on TV and because things are going on over THERE has desensitized so many people. Witnessing dreadful things does that, don’t you think? As a survival mechanism but WE haven’t lived those kinds of lives. Why are we desensitized? Is it the dog-eat-dog lifestyle of politicians that makes them so coarse and uncaring about the little guy once they join the club?


        1. It could well be. I read a letter today that really disturbed me. Some guy wrote in to the paper bemoaning that there are people here on benefits. His letter was horrible. Talking about limiting how much money people can get and for how long. With so many here jobless [and few jobs available] it is impossible for some to get work.

          A friend’s daughter applied for over 100 jobs after she was made redundant before she got one. At some jobs they had 900 people applying.

          Now I know that yes…there are people who rip the system off, but for the most people who are on a benefit don’t want to be. It is a pittance.

          I have a friend who has worked all her life but had to have hip surgery. She was told she needed to have knee surgery within 6 weeks…never happened because our health system is crap. She now has to wait until she is in a wheelchair before she can even go on the waiting list for surgery. That said she has a great deal of trouble walking/standing and has lost her job. She is in no man’s land and no one helps her. The people where she gets a benefit treat her like she is trying to rip the system off.

          But this man…felt no compassion at all for people who suddenly find themselves in these types of situations. That really saddens me.


          1. What you say is so true. Lots of good people are doing without or are treated like they ‘asked for it’ while others milk the system. I volunteer at a charity bookstore which is on the first floor and a food bank which is in the bottom level. The bookstore proceeds support the food bank. The type of people you see coming in would break your heart.


          2. it sure does. And all the while the ones who are really doing it hard, trying to figure out how to cope, are made to feel like leeches on the system. What happened to compassion…to caring…to helping lift your fellow human beings up when they hit a rough patch ????


  2. Hmm, interesting answers to those questions!
    I’m with you all the way about animals Jo, and although some improvements have been and are being made as regards animal cruelty, we still have a way to go. We are their only voice, and as long as we keep shouting out for them, one day, we might get there.
    I have reservations too about zoos, but many are improving the conditions for their animals, so I guess we are going in the right direction.


    1. I find zoos a real tough one. When you hear of them putting down animals because their genes are the wrong genes, I have problems with that sort of thinking. There must be a better way.


  3. Fully agree on number one and the animals,, but I do love the Peter Piper answer so different and original… Answer is ‘Still looking’


  4. I’ve been doing “Share your world” lately without even knowing it was a thing! 😆

    Your spoons are amazing!

    I am grateful I can still participate in the Global Corporate Challenge at my age!

    I am looking forward to lots of writing this coming week as I am on holidays.


  5. I love to see animals in their natural surroundings. Here in South Africa, we have wonderful game parks. Peter Piper is long gone. Maybe the pickled pepper hastened his demise. 🙂 So many teaspoons! Your Auntie Ed would be so proud of you. Love the timeless wedding photo. Hope the writing is going well. xx


    1. I like the idea of parks much better than zoos. Zoos depress me.


      Auntie Ed sent me some of her collection when she had to move in to a home. So yep…I think she is proud. Been doing some book editing…hoping it will lead to more in the future, and my rise as the world’s greatest, bestest, silliest, cleverest book editor ever.


  6. I’m fascinated with old photos. Both of your aunts look beautiful. The colors are so soft and very complimentary. It’s a lovely wedding photo.
    All of your answers are interesting.
    Happy Sunday !!!


  7. All interesting responses Jo – we learn a bit more about you on this one. I share your feelings about zoos, and wish it could be the same everywhere as it is in Africa (except for the poaching of course) where animals are seen in their natural environment. Amazing spoons girl!!


  8. Jo, like me you abhor the way we consume our animals as they are bred and farmed for slaughter… As for pets… Our fourlegged animal friends of Cats and Dogs bring so many so much love and comfort and companionship.. I could not envisage a world without them in our homes… They give so much unconditional love to their owners…. Its the owners who do not treat them right who are at fault.. and those again who only seek to breed for profit who should be banned from having them..
    Zoo’s I’m mixed in my emotions here.. I dislike seeing caged animals,but also know many in captivity would not survive out in the wild.. I was disgusted however in the recent Zoo in Copenhagen which caused horror when it killed a healthy giraffe and fed it to the lions…
    Link Here..

    Love all those spoons… I have about 6 silver Apostille spoons from my Granny. 🙂

    And great your fire fixed at last, and ALL are snug and warm…
    Have a great week Jo 🙂 xxxx Love Sue xoxox


    1. I am thrilled to have my fire with the weather today Sue. Sadly until we human no longer see ourselves as having dominion over other sentient beings I can’t see the situation improving. That breaks my heart every single day.


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