Wordless Wednesday

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        1. Okay…lesson on photos and videos coming up.

          1. Photos: What I do [because you can’t put photos directly in to comments…is this. I upload a photo to Photobucket. Then I click on the photo I want. If you look to the right side of the page there is a box for sharing the photo. Click on direct. Then go to your comment reply box. Click on the box with ‘img’ on it. A box will pop up. Paste the copied link in to that…click ok. You can then give it a title if you want on the next box that pops up. I usually don’t bother and just click okay. Done.

          2. Videos: Go to YouTube. Find the video you want. Scroll down under the video and you will see a line with About…Share…Add to. Click SHARE. Just under a box will open up with a link in it that will be highlighted in blue. Right click on that and then click copy. Go back to your comment reply. Right click and then click on paste in the drop down box. Done.


        1. Birds are like that. Crash used to make me feel peaceful. Goodness I miss him and his constant chatter in the house. It feels soooo quiet without him.


  1. So many great bird pics lately on the various blogs I follow. I saw a kereru for the first time a few days back, and now a tui! My knowledge of New Zealand is broadening. 🙂


    1. The Tui are very vocal Sue. I could spend all day listening to them. I have two that are taking up residence here at the moment. So happy.


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