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Titles suck – I hate having to think them up !!!

The title in truth has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But after having spent ten minutes trying to think one up…well, that’s what I think of titles.

Today at some point little old Chronicles of Illusions will pass the 300,000 hit mark. That’s me being very presumptuous and going on the usual number of daily visits. It actually blows my mind that I have reached that figure in the 612 days since I started blogging.

This is my 640th post. I have shared photos with you, poetry, stories, personal details, and my dreams as well. I had no idea just how far Chronicles would take me when I pressed that publish button for the first time.

I started Chronicles as part of my plan for world domination. No – I’m not joking. While 300,000 is pretty good I am going to have to up my game if I intend to succeed. Damn it there’s billions of you out there.

But what I have found in reality is worth more than world domination. I found you. You who have shared parts of yourselves with me. You have educated me, made me laugh, sometimes made me cry. We’ve discussed books and films, countries, people [good and bad], recipes, family stories and most importantly little pieces of yourselves.

Recently we’ve been discussing how the anonymity of the internet isn’t always a good thing. And sadly it isn’t. But the thing that I love about the technological changes that have occurred on the net is its reach. Before, I lived in a world that centres on a very small part of this universe. Most of you would never have come within my grasp. And I would have been poorer for it.

Someone once said to me that the internet was a poor substitute for friendship. I disagree. It is just a different type of friendship. Like the pen friends I had as a kid. Yesterday I was talking to a friend about this and they asked me: “What do you get from it though?”

“Other than a lot of free beds when I travel.” I queried.

“But they might be all…weirdos,” they replied.

“Actually I am quite sure some of them are,” I said. “But so I am I so we fit perfectly.”

“But you don’t really know them.”

“Not yet maybe…but I’m learning to.”

So…to all of you I should like to say:

Thank you !!!

For taking the time to visit, to share, to get to know me, to let me get to know you.

And here’s to the next 300,000 visits.

In closing I’d like to share a favourite poem of mine. It says very eloquently how I feel about all of you. My long distance friends.

Invocation – Rod McKuen

It may happen
that in some hidden
middle night

you’ll rise up
and come to me
in solitude or silence.

We will meet
as we have met
on a train or at the end

of some new train of thought.


64 thoughts on “Titles suck – I hate having to think them up !!!”

  1. 300,000 visits?? Wow! That’s impressive Jo.

    I tend to keep my titles uniform (because I have an ASD [undiagnosed] and I do that kind of thing) All photo of the day start as that, all music starts with that (well it does now) challenges have what the challenge is. If I think of anything else, I usually title it what I think of first. With this one, I would probably have called it “300,000 thank you’s” but that’s me.

    There are weirdos out there – God knows I’m one. But the friendships you can strike up can be immortal. Plus, people like me, don’t go out and meet people, so speaking on here where you don’t have a person talking back to you – looking at you, where you try to avoid eye contact, is so much easier (told you I was a weirdo – well I am 96)

    Thank you for your blog Jo Bryant


          1. Oh my – that’s no good Alistair. With you on the pain though – having broken my back twice I get it. Last night was not a particularly good night for me on the pain scale.


          2. There’s good days and bad. Just try not to think to much on it when it is bad. Mostly if I’m having a real bad day I curl up with the fur babies and The Boys. Life always seems better then.


          3. I tend to have some good days … but I’ve had this for over ten years now, so I don’t let it get to me so much. I tend to have a hot water bottle on stand by if necessary, if the tablets don’t have an effect


  2. 300k, OMG I didn’t realise I was in such a distinguished presence! and you have time to answer and visit me 🙂
    Seriously well done Jo, you are awesome and your blog is very special.


  3. Yeah!!! Keep up the great work Jo! 300,000 is impressive indeed and yes I agree that I’ve made lots of friends around the world too from blogging. I’ve already met 5 and I can’t wait to meet more!:)


  4. CONGRATULATIONS! 300,000 hits, very impressive and also a lot of work that you can tell you love. It is a pleasure to visit your blog. Thank you for your shares.



  5. The internet does not substitute friendship it’s just a different type. Sometimes I’ve noticed those who do not understand blogging can be rather insular looking inwards. Instead of looking outwards and beyond the bounderies of their homes or limited frame of reference. We are the lucky ones who reach out across the world which in turn stretches our imagination and creativity 🙂


  6. There are definitely ‘those who Blog’, and those who don’t! My parent’s DON’T! To the point that if I send them a link to a blog I have written they refuse to read it!! I have to copy and post my blog post into an email and then attach any of the photos if I want them to look!!

    If you have never made friends online it must be hard to understand how it works, but I was online right at the start of ‘online-friend-making’ using ICQ and anonymous chat-rooms. It was during a really really difficult time in my life, and I can honestly say that some of the people I met online then saved my life!

    I’m in a much happier place now, and i compartmentalise my online presence…. Facebook if for sharing my family photos & silly moments with people I know and have met. Its also a great way for me to get back in touch with old school friends, since their children are educating them about the internet & some of them are dipping in their toes.

    When I left school, I moved to London, so there is a really good chance that I would have never had another conversation with about a quarter of the people on my facebook. People who were best best friends & who did EVERYTHING together with me at 16….. but then we drifted apart. I am SO grateful to be back in touch with those people, and to have been given the opportunity to make amends to two of my exes for the way I ended with them, something that NEVER would have happened over a chance meeting in Dublin or London one day

    People who I meet over the internet I may never meet in real life, but then I might! Maybe they will come to London & we might meet up for coffee…. who knows. I just like writing, and it’s much more fulfilling to do so thinking that someone out there might read it too. I also LOVE taking photos, and I have gained a new excitement about taking good photos again, not to win any competitions… I’m not that good! But I do really like sharing ones I think are good, and getting good feedback 🙂


  7. What a wonderful post, Jo. You’ve just about made me cry. So true that but for all our blogger friends all over the world, we might never have seen those parts of the world. And, Rod McKuen? OMG, I haven’t thought about him in years, and at one time in my life ( a long long time ago) I was in love with him, I love this poem.


    1. Oh no…you are supposed to cry Angeline. I love the Rodster. He is so good. And I love that poem. It always gives me comfort when I need it. I love having found another Rod McKuen fan.


  8. Absolutely agree about blogging. It is like pen pals, but also being part of a wider community. I like the fact that blogs are open to everyone. I read blogs like magazines, flicking through the pages and stopping when something caches my attention. Some blogs I follow for a while and then move on, some I read only once, others, mainly the ones I first found, I try to keep up with. One of my friends is very huffy about blogging. I don’t understand why. She seems convinced it is some urban sport and not for country dwellers like herself.
    The blogosphere has brought me comfort and support during some difficult times. It has brought me laughter, thought provoking writing, amazing pictures. It has also brought friendship. I have so far met three bloggers who comment on my page, and with each, the feeling of a ready established rapport was there from the start. My blog is like a diary; some of the bits and pieces of my life, some are trivial, some are not. Like you, I had no conception of any of this the first time I pressed the publish button.


  9. I love the idea of blogging being like the pen pals of oh so long ago. Only big difference is blogging is easier, more wide spread and instantaneous and a far more interesting and in depth connection than FB. I’m in awe of your 30000 in such a short time, well done.


  10. Congrats Jo! 300,000…wow! I had no idea how much I would enjoy blogging until I started. I used to be one who said, but they aren’t real friendships. Now I have to eat my words. I’ve met so many wonderful people. And yes, some are weird, but delightfully so. I love the freedom of getting to know so many different personality types from all over. I wish you continued success!!!!! And more importantly, more friends. Not sure how you will fit them in, but I have faith in you.


  11. Firstly, KUDOS on the 300k mark! 🙂 Secondly, I’m glad you and I became friends. Strange as it may be I feel closer to you than some of the people I see every day. Thirdly, I’m sorry I’ve been M.I.A. lately – I have a had a bajillion things on my plate and trying to make time for everything has been keeping me busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. 😉 Gonna try to catch up with all your wonderful posts soon!


    1. Thanks ma’am. I feel closer to you as well than some here. You GET me. Guess who came 2nd in a photography exhibition last night. The kids were there to see it so boy was I happy. And surprised. And proud, And spilled my wine with the shock of hearing my name called out – what a waste !!!!


          1. what are brigs?? do you mean stripes on clothes? I love to wear striped shirts like Picasso or Gaultier. They look good on me. 🙂


  12. Super out of this world … holy moly …. Congratulations. I can’t even imagine that.
    Excellent work …!!!!
    Rod McKuen was one of the first poets I read. I thought his music was SO GOOD. Thanks for the memory. I still have his albums – a bit scratchy. I’ll have to look for him on You Tube.


  13. Wow! Congratulations on those impressive stats Jo! Its been my pleasure to have been around for part of that journey 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful poem and wishing you another 300,000!!


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