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Bodyform Maxi Pads exposed.

It seems we’ve been lied to. Having a period is not fun. I’m glad someone finally told me that.

And that finally someone took the company on regarding their campaign of misinformation…

And that at last a large company owns up…

We loved Richard’s wicked sense of humour. We are always grateful for input from our users, but his comment was particularly poignant. If Facebook had a “love” button, we’d have clicked it. But it doesn’t. So we’ve made Richard a video instead. Unfortunately Bodyform doesn’t have a CEO. But if it did she’d be called Caroline Williams. And she’d say this.

Oh if only ALL companies had a sense of humour like this…life would be a lot more fun !!!!


20 thoughts on “Bodyform Maxi Pads exposed.”

  1. I would like to represent the men of your community and state that, after listening to this response I may never go near a uterus again! And Bert and Ernie are definitely NOT gay!


There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: I want to hear your opinion.

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