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Sunday Post: Toys

Toys. That’s Jake’s theme this week.

How I loved to watch the children play with toys when they were younger. When a tent could become a palace where you not only slept but stored your lawn mower…

More so I loved watching their imaginations flourish and what they could do with the most innocuous things…like turn a set of boxes in to a train that would take them where ever they wanted to go.

Throughout their young lives there were however certain toys that became best friends.

For The Daughter it was Lamby.

For The Son it was Socks.

And we NEVER went anywhere without these guys along too.


30 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Toys”

  1. Thanks for sharing these precious photos! I had a stuffed dog named Woodle. I also had a Raggedy Andy that meant so much to me. My mom woke me up one morning before all the other kids (I am the youngest of five) and we stole down to the kitchen together. She reached under the sink and presented me with my Andy doll. I must have been about three years old at the time. It’s one of my happiest, most cherished memories. My mother did a good job of making each of us feel special. I was a lucky boy. Now my mother is a few months short of her 80th birthday and she is still the sweet, caring person that she was nearly fifty years ago. Her grandchildren worship her and now a new crop of great-grandchildren are springing up. There is nothing more beautiful and precious than mother love.


    1. Woodle – that’s so cute. I had a black and white panda bear named…ta da…Pandy. I still have him. Very battered but very loved. I am so glad your Mum made you feel special. I wish that all children were that lucky Russell.


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