Travel Theme: On Display

I know I did a Christmas post already.

But how can I resist showing more of this shop off ???

And…I would like to ask you all a question. This following image shows the photo I took [which was NOT great at all] and what I did to it. I like to try to play with images to see if they are redeemable. Maybe because it is how I feel about living. That nothing should be irredeemable.

So the image became something else. I thought when finished this might make a cute Christmas card. I know it isn’t Picasso. It was just a bit of fun. So…on to the question.

Did I make it worse ???

Is it so bad it needs to be binned ???

The reason I am asking is this. After playing around I posted this on a photography page on facebook that I was a member of. One chap really gave me what for over it. “Rubbish, some things should be deleted, you made it much worse,” were just some of his comments. When I suggested that those words were a little harsh, in light of the fact that it was all in fun [and a card I thought the oldies might appreciate – nothing more than that] I copped it again. I was a bit put out that the group moderator didn’t step in. Critique I can handle but for me at least, this seemed more than that. I felt a little bullied. So I quietly left the group.

I’d really like your HONEST opinion. Just don’t use the words: rubbish/deleted/worse…okay.

Hehehehehehe…of course you can !!!

Now go visit Ailsa and see more great entries.

54 thoughts on “Travel Theme: On Display”

  1. I think it’s a dramatic and beautiful piece of processing. It would make a great Christmas card. God, I’m glad you asked for opinions and didn’t trash it. I’ve learned to listen to my gut and if I think one of my photos is beautiful, i stick with it, and other people can think what they want.

    1. It didn’t bother me that he didn’t like it so much. I get that photography – like any art form – is subjective. But boy he got really nasty. I went back to the site after I had left the group to delete all my photos [I left the group because of two reasons. 1. I won’t waste time anymore with negative people. 2. I felt the moderator should have stepped in. Not about the criticism, but how it was voiced], and boy did he let me have it again. I was petty because I had left the group and who did I think I was not to accept his critique?? Only then did the moderator say something and it was very tame.

  2. I’m with Angeline…I think its beautiful, and quite frankly…it touches me more than the actual photograph! Would love to see it as a Christmas card, Jo!! How did you do that?! You amaze me.

    1. I turned it in to a drawing with software and added backlighting and boosted the colour a bit. It was great fun to do. The actual photo is frankly a DUD…didn’t work. But everything is worth something isn’t it Brynne ???? At least you’ll know straight away who it’s from when it arrives on your door.

      1. OOOo…cant WAIT! I love Santas…and especially yours! You amaze me. I have no idea how you figured all that out. And yes…everything is worth something, isn’t it? :)You reminded me of a blog post/story I have yet to write on that! Love you, creative pea:)

  3. Great choice for the theme, and I like what you did with the photo! I agree that if there’s a way to redeem it, don’t throw it away. I also think it would make a great Christmas card, and it does remind me of cards you see from years ago. I would have left the group too, there’s no reason to put up with that kind of abuse. Opinion is one thing, but it’s uncalled for to be nasty about it. I don’t have my Travel Theme photos up yet, guess I better get busy :-)

  4. I like what you did with the photo. That guy on FB sounds like he has some major problems. What a wacky way to react to a digital image.

  5. I love it :) I do the same with my ‘dud’ photos just to see what else is there. Its a creative art form. Don’t knock your decision :) there are so many editting tools purely for art form :) as to ‘his’ comments -sad to say that such a negative opinionated person is indeed unhappy … Wise to remove and not partake of anothers negative opinion… Which is not constructive critique but pure criticsm cos they can. Ah damn Christmas ?? Its too close !!!

  6. I divide everything into photographs, images and graphics and sometimes into hybrids. Photographs are straight point and shoot with little gadgetry. With digital photography more so than film there is still tinkering you can do with menu options on the camera (even with film you still could play in the darkroom and process involved). Photography is subjective. An image usually has had some fudging done to it, to improve the subject or to convey something that is important to you. Graphics can be used for anything. My best images and graphics often come from less than perfect photographs that I have taken. You can play with elements to your hearts. Be creative as you want.

    As I see there is no such animal as a bad photograph. Your hear, “sorry am not a good photographer”. Truth is, if some one sends me a photograph, there was some thing there that moved them to take it. Every picture has a story.

    As for Saint Nic, its a good image an a good graphic which you can down the road use it post, a story, a poem whatever or wherever your coming from or trying to express.

    1. It is so true – with the images that I play with often the best results come from the imperfect ones. And I agree about every picture having a story. Some really bad ones still mean a lot to me because of what they represent.

  7. I love your ‘On Display’ post. I believe it as beautiful, plus I love Christmas villages who does not like them. It is work to put one up, especially when there are hundreds of pieces to place. Nice post!! ;)

  8. I love it! I think it would make a very cute Christmas card. It’s interesting. That chap does not get “art”. Forget him. Facebook is getting as bad as YouTube in rude comments.

    1. So true. What a really couldn’t understand was the moderator not telling him to pull his head in. I went and looked at his FB page…and yes there were great/good images but also a few duds. This on a page where he is advertising himself. I think some people just feel they are above everyone. If you don’t like something fine…but leave the hostile rudeness out of it I say.

  9. C’mon, Jo … you should know better than to take to heart what one online jealous idiot hater has to say. He’s the type of person who never does anything of note himself, but is quick to savagely attack other people’s work. Personally, I think you took the original image and turned it into something completely different … it now has that classic old-time Christmas illustration look. I can totally see it as a Christmas card! Lighten it up just a tad and you’ve got a winner!

    1. I didn’t think it was that bad Stephen. but I thought – hey, maybe you are too close to it. You know like writing. Sometimes you have to cut your beloved babies from the story. So I just thought – what the heck – I’ll ask people who will tell me what they think but with kindness. You guys. I wish the world were a kinder place.

  10. And now, for the only opinion that really matters (mine) ;-), I think what you did with the Santa was spectacular. It has a beautiful, vintage feel to it, love the colors and the visual textures. Bravo. Maybe you should send the hater one as a Christmas card.

  11. NO it isn’t worse, you may have made it a touch too bright that’s all, so that the other things like the parcel and the little one at the front aren’t very clear. In fact eh one at the front would be better removed – in my opinion. Don’t ake any notice of people in those groups. Last year I did an Open University photography course on line and it was full of pretentious idiots who thought they knew it all or plonkers who asked the most cringeworthy stupid questions ever.

  12. Jo, these posts are getting me super excited for Christmas. I may have to bake some sugar cookies. As for the photo, I like the changes. It reminds me of retro Christmas cards I used to get back in the day. The guy on facebook sounds like a jerk. In my opinion, no one should discourage anyone from creating art. It’s just not nice and I don’t see any point to being mean. He needs to get into the holiday spirit!

  13. Well enough has been said about the idiot on Facebook and the way I view photography is simple, there are pictures taken for accuracy and those taken for art. If the picture was taken to promote and sell the Santa it should have been tossed, since I don’t believe you are trying to sell the Santa’s, what you did is great and since it is you’re picture, if you like it who cares what anyone else thinks. I enjoyed all your pictures and I to think it will make an excellent Christmas card. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Jo
    I rather like the card on the right as you look at it … The more linear version . I think playing around with images is good and unexpected results can happen which ARE just the ticket . I’m considering some photos that might may make cards too so it’s interesting seeing how what others are doing . Good Luck and forget that horrid person on FB. ;-)

    1. Thank you Tahira. I liked it myself…but I guess it is always a case of each to his/her own. I am going to be fiddling to make a few more I think.

  15. Well, I’m not big on Christmas, really, but I LOVE your image for a Christmas Card!! Makes me think of Old Saint Nick. Don’t listen to the haters….”haters gonna hate” and all that. I agree with the Cap’n. ;) I hope I get one in my mailbox. :D

  16. Wow…I wrote a post about Junk Friends being toxic, but this has me thinking that Facebook itself might be becoming toxic to our emotional health! There is so much envy and competition for likes etc….not a very healthy place to spend much time :-) The world of Blogs is so much nicer…maybe there’s an idea for my next post! Love the vintage Santa look BTW

    1. I wish bloggers were all nicer. I did a post on one really toxic blogger and a post of hers. She took it down for a few days but it is back up. One of the nastiest posts I have seen ever. She has modified her ridiculing of the woman whose photo she took but it just makes me mad that people like that are given a voice on any platform.

      1. That’s why I left the group Rommel – too much negativity going round…hehehe
        And you know which is which, and I know that you know, and you know that I know that you know, so…I’m not falling for that…hehehehe :lol:

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