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You've Been Hooked!

The cyber-flood gates have opened and now (“now” meaning 12:01 a.m. Sept. 10 – 12:00 a.m September 11) my “love letter” to the Niagara Falls hospitality industry is free to anyone with the means to download it.

Even the douchebags.

In fact, they should download multiple copies; after all, they owe me for the last fifteen years! But right now, my gentle readers, you’re probably thinking about something else.

  • The guys are thinking, “Does reading Fifty Shades of Grey automatically make me gay?”
  • The girls are thinking, “Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson patch things up in time for the  premiere of the nextTwilightfilm?”

But after those thoughts have run their course, you’ll all be thinking, “Why is The Hook giving his book away? Has he finally snapped after slugging one laundry basket too many for some ungrateful douche-monkey?” While I will no doubt eventually snap, that day…

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    1. It is. There is so much to delve in to and find out when you are publishing a book. Loads of research needs to be done on how to be effective in marketing it. I hope you’ll let me know what you think of it.


    1. Just doing my bit toward a tip free holiday Hook…hehehe
      Sent it out on facebook and twitter and I e-mailed a few contacts. Well – actually – more than a few. Hotmail stopped me e-mailing anymore as they said I went over the limit for the day. Oh dear !!!!!!!!!


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