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Sunday Post: Morning

As I age I find that I am becoming more of a morning person.

It has a lot to do with these guys.

[click on the images to enlarge]




Jack and Charlie start my morning early by demanding to be let out….often before the sun is up.

Which means I get to see sights such as these as I start my day.

The view from my front door

Chevvy is never far behind the kitty cats because after being let out comes one of her favourite times of the day…breakfast.

Chevvy’s soulful “please get up’ look

Then it is time to uncover Crash and mix his warm mash for the morning.

My pretty boy Crash

Now as it is Sunday [and remember the sun has only just woken herself] I crawled under the covers with a large coffee and answered comments on my blog, checked e-mails and played around with an image that is the ‘Technique Challenge’ over at Photoblog Challenges. The technique is called Pop9. Apparently you can get lenses to do it for you if you have more money than sense. Me however, I did it myself.

What do you think ? This is Sparky…you’ve met her before. She is my artist friend’s kitty and I thought she’d be perfect for this one.

Thanks Jake for this week’s Morning Challenge.


On a totally different subject.

Starting tomorrow you can get your copy of

for the amazing price of $0.00 for two days only.

So don’t miss out.

Click on the book cover above to take you to your next great read folks.



61 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Morning”

  1. I don’t have pets so I’d have to put up a photo of my wife–I get up at 5 AM weekday mornings to get her breakfast ready and see her off to work. I don’t sleep much later on weekdays and I would probably tend to wake up early anyway. My days of staying up until 2 AM or longer and sleeping until noon are long gone. That is unless something changes in my workday schedule.


    1. You are such a good husband. I love that you get up to get her breakfast. I bet she does too. Alas there are no more 2 am nights in my life either. I just can’t hack it anymore.


    1. I love my roomies too Brynne. Though Charlie was really sick lately and Jackie is off her food and worrying me today with her behaviour. It is like having babies again. Remember those awful times when they were too little to tell you what was wrong but they were not well. I wish I could speak cat and dog and cockatiel.


    1. Thanks Madhu. I will pass along your compliments to the fur babies. They lllllooooovvvvvvvveeeeee compliments.
      As for Pop9…neither did I until recently. The Pop9 is actually a camera.
      Pop9 Camera
      If you follow the link it tells you about it. But because of the camera I think it has gotten popular recently to edit photos with software to look like they were taken with the camera. Sort of Pop Art I guess. Very Andy Warhol.


        1. I used the same image. It is actually quite good software. The website for the challenge had instructions on how to do it in Photoshop and I just found a way to adapt it with the one I have.


    1. Thanks Gilly. My poor Charlie has not been well lately. But he is getting better. With lots of spoiling. Today though Jackie seems a bit off…she won’t eat. It reminds me of being a young Mum when the babies were too little to tell you what hurts. You feel so useless.


  2. I can’t see wasting a perfectly good morning by being awake for it. That said though, your sunrise pictures are always amazing. I tend to prefer sunsets to sunrises though, as it is easier to be awake for them, and cocktails are often in the mix.

    You morning people really drive me to drink. πŸ˜‰ Thankfully, my most productive time is late night, and it is not unusual to look at the clock and see it is 2:00AM, or 4:00AM, and realize, you know, maybe I should go to bed. My kids are wonderful, and adjust their schedule to fit mine. They both sleep on the bed with me, tucked into whatever contortion I find my self sleeping in.

    If I have to get up at 5:00AM or 6:00AM, they get up without complaint and are ready to eat breakfast and start their day when I leave the boat. If it’s a weekend though and I sleep in until 10:00AM or 11:00, or later… they are quite content to sleep in with me, and get breakfast whenever we all get out of bed. Damn, I love those kids. πŸ™‚


  3. My hubby knows how you feel – for my part, I let him do the stupidly early morning “let the cats out” call. Then again, how can you say “no” to faces as cute as those? Love the pop9 effect. At first glance, the cat looked like a bear – thought you were going to say that’s what you see from your front door, together with the rather jealous making view you have!


  4. OMG … the cats look so peaceful. The sunset is breathtaking. I would wake up early to that one anytime. AND …. Crash – what can I say…??? I has a bird many years ago of the same breed. I think he was a cockateel ( spelling – Ugh) anyway, his name was – ready ??? – Yo Yo What’s Up??? It was because everytime I went to his cage and opened it for him to fly out he did this dance that looked like he was a rap singer and dancer. lol
    Thanks for the memories …..


  5. I love all of your pets. My cat, Atticus, loves to wake me up early to eat. He also doesn’t have any issues waking me up at midnight to eat. He knows since he’s on medicated food I won’t say no. I wish I could see a sunrise like that here in London. All of the buildings block the view. I got Hook’s book yesterday and I’m excited to read it.


  6. Wonderful pictures, as always! I have to agree with the Cap’n, though…I’m not now and don’t think I ever will be a “morning person”. Unless I am still up in the morning from the night before (which happens fairly regularly), I rarely get to see a sunrise but I see quite a few breathtaking sunsets. When Santa finally brings me a digital camera this Christmas, I’ll be taking a LOT more pictures. Until then (and even afterwards, I imagine), I get to enjoy yours. πŸ™‚ Speaking of which, the pop9 thing…reminded me of Warhol. It’s interesting, but I think it would be even more so if you gave each of the 9 frames a different look by using filters or something. More variety, you know? Give Charlie a chuck under the chin and am keeping Jack in my thoughts. Hoping she gets a lot better very soon!!


    1. Thanks Corina. I do want to try one with different filters…but the challenge was to do one where every image was exactly the same. You should have a look at some of the others. They are much more creative than my attempt. Gave Charlie a chick…he said to say thanks. Jack still won’t eat…I put an update on the post if you are interested. But I think it is back to the vets again tomorrow.


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