Frontierado Day is finally here…

Wrangled from Six Gun Sara's scribblin's

Happy happy Frontierado Day to all the above – who know what I’m talking about.

For all you other poor saps who have yet to understand the finer workings of this great day – Balladeer’s Blog is where you need to mosey on over to.

As well as lots of great info on the day itself there are drink recipes, The Cactus Jack, and the Deuces Wild.

There are food recipes such as Tumbleweed Pizza.

Instructions on Frontierado Poker, and lots of other info as you need it.

Of course the day must have at some point the movie Silverado,

with the ever adorable Kevin Costner among others.

Happy days…………………..

Kevin’s thoughts on this classic. Part 1

More thoughts on Silverado by Kevin Costner. Part 2


  1. Wow, Buckshot! You are a terrific lady for providing all these pingbacks! I love all the Costnermania, too. That interview and a lot more is in the Silverado Collector’s DVD which we are all getting ready to watch in about 20 minutes, drinks in hand! After that we’ll do Posse (1993).

    Thank you again, you are The Spirit of Frontierado Present!

    The Blackwater Kid


    1. I am soooo jealous. As soon as I heard about the DVD with all that stuff I started getting palpatations. I want one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Have a Deuces Wild for me…


  2. Dag nab it! Wish I would have known about Frontierado earlier. Perhaps in my mind I did, though I was a day late. I wore an iced bandana around my neck to stay cool. I went to see “Cowboys and Aliens” which was darn tooting entertaining. And I saw my brother-in-law, who, as a child, was known as Cowboy Kale.Kind of close to celebrating Frontierado, but will be prepared for next year.


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