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Buckshot rides again…with the Winchester boys !!!!!!

Now Friday the 3rd of August is officially Frontierado Day.

What’s that you ask ???

 Ed explains it here.

There are recipes and Frontierado Poker and Silverado.

Due to some glitches with the computer I have been lax this year in promoting what has to be one of the best thought out holidays there ever was.

And due to Ed…it just got better.

Sam: “Hey Dean, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”
Dean “Wow they weren’t kidding…Buckshot is amazing.”

Because Buckshot has been spending time with TBs. Oh yes she did !!!

Dean “How do you think she does THAT?”
Sam “Who cares as long as we can watch.”

Ain’t time travel wonderful ????

For those of you wondering who Buckshot Bryant is...head here to catch up.

And if you perchance want your own WILD WEST SAGA after reading mine then ask Ed nicely. He has done a few for us bloggers out there, as well as a few other folk.

It’s a tale like no other. Rustling, train robbing, and having her own harem of boys (The Poker Studs) is all in a day’s work for Buckshot.

Some of Buckshot’s Poker Studs were…

Dancin’ Pat Swayze


Lariat Leo DiCaprio


Colin ‘Wild Irish’ Farrell.

Considered such a badass that Cochise named her “Shoots Deadly Woman”.


Even when she settles down with the love of her life Buckshot remains a force to be reckoned with.

Kevin ‘Colorado’ Costner…Buckshot’s one true love.

But…yes there is always a but…Buckshot and Colorado Costner came to a bloody end…as all good swashbuckling love stories should.

It seems that there is more though.

Here is a snippet from the previously unknown saga of Buckshot and her time with Sam and Dean Winchester as they…well if you want to know more you’ll just have to head on over to Ed’s.

Courtesy of a package mailed to me by the late George MacDonald Fraser several years ago, but which wasn’t delivered until a few days ago (you know the mail service) I am in possession of a long-forgotten 1800′s newspaper account of a heretofore unknown adventure of Joanne “Buckshot” Bryant, the woman who keeps the spirit of Frontierado alive all year ’round!

(Clipping from the Dallas Morning News. The headline was like confetti in my hands, but I could see the date was April 19th. The year, unfortunately, could not be made out)

(indecipherable) maintains it was Buckshot Bryant herself, the Queen of the Rustlers, sitting at a table and drinking fine Kentucky bourbon. The two young men who burst into the saloon, supposedly named Sam and Dean, carried Winchester rifles and were dressed in garb the like of which none of the cowpokes or farmers in town had ever seen before.

Now read more…

Find out just how far Buckshot went with The Boys to get what she wanted…and visa versa.

Find out whether The Boys made it out in one piece !!!!!!!!!!

And because she is born on the same day I was (exactly), and is a cowboy slapping, high stepping wench…

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The Seven Links Award

It was on Valentine’s Day this year that I sat for hours working out what I was going to say on my first post.

A wonderful friend had walked me through the process of getting started, filling in details, migrating my way through the maze of instructions on how to set up pages and posts.

I have spent many hours since then, refining, changing themes, adding bits, deleting bits, making it my own space.

I had no clue when I started what I would eventually find out there in cyberspace.

I wasn’t sure that this would be more than another short stint at something that didn’t work.

And I knew nothing about the direction it would take.

In fact, I have not followed the rules. Find a niche I was told and stick to it.

Right…that was never going to happen. My mind is never in one place long enough.

I write what comes to me – usually knocking loudly in my brain demanding that I give it voice.

Like my life, my blog has many rooms. They all interconnect in some way. While the bonds may seem obscure at times, they exist.

Poetry was a given, short stories, pieces from my life, observations of my world.

But the volume and the scope was never expected.

The reason for these unexpected outpourings has been the community that has welcomed me, encouraged me, nurtured me in writing every day.

This community has also shown me the generosity of their comments, encouraging me to push myself.

Some bloggers do not like to have to spend time on acknowledging awards.

I understand this, yet for me – I wish to celebrate this one as a way of expressing my gratitude to the bloggers who have made my journey both fun and challenging.

Penny at lifereconnected is one of those. I always come away from reading her posts with a sense of gratitude that I was lucky enough to find her. That she wanted to include me in her seven links is an honour.

I like this award because it allows me to focus on my archives and posts that have had special meaning for me.

Did I just say archives?

I feel like a – wait – are there any librarians out there before I make a blunder.

Today I shall link to seven posts of mine I think you’ll enjoy if you missed them.

Then I get to tell you about seven blogs that you really shouldn’t be missing.

Only seven? That might be difficult – may have to cheat there a bit.

So here they are.

1. Most Beautiful:


I’m pointing you in the direction of something I actually began writing a long time ago. It has had many reincarnations, but essentially the story is unaltered.

It is one of my most vivid memories. The reason I have listed it here is not because of its beautiful literary prose.

The Gorillas of Virunga National Park has always signified beauty to me. The experience was one of my life’s outstanding moments for many reasons.

Its memory never fails to raise the hairs on my body, or bring warmth to my skin.


2. Most Popular:

Baby and the boys

This is a difficult one. Do I pick the post with the most hits or the one with the most comments? 

So I am going to cheat and name both – that way you can tell me later which one you think deserves the title.

The Song Remains The Same has had so many more hits than anything else I have written. It is one of my personal favourites, because it is about – yes – you guessed it – Supernatural.

It was a great episode, and I enjoyed writing the review.

If we take the most comments on a post as an indication of popularity then a poem I wrote for a photo prompt for Magpie Tales is the definite winner.

Wake was an important poem for me. The moment I saw the prompt the idea came to me for it and cliché as it sounds – it really was a work of love writing this poem.

The amount of positive comment was fantastic. When something means so much to you – having it appreciated is very powerful.


3. Most Controversial:

The boys

Controversial – me – really?

Difficult again.

I am going to say Laminated List for one reason only.

It was mentioned that it seemed a bit odd that in my list two names had not been included, and not much notice was taken of my protestations of their being way too young.

I really do feel motherly towards the boys.


4. Most Helpful:

I think that this post has earned the title of most helpful. It has had a lot of hits, and the picture has been clicked on a fair bit.

My recipe for Tuna, Cannellini Bean, Avocado and Red Onion Salad came about from my need to address my cholesterol issue, so not only has it helped me in eating healthy, yummy food, but going by the stats it is out there in the cyber world doing its thing.


5. Most Surprisingly Successful:

The day my father would have turned 102 became a celebration unexpectedly. I had gone to sleep thinking of him, and on awaking my thoughts were consumed by Dad and our relationship.

I started writing and I remember nothing of the writing process. It really did pour out of me. Word after word after word.

Then came the moment I was finished writing, and it felt both familiar and strange. I actually thought ‘Wow – did I just write that?’ I read it through for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, and posted it.

Colin Arthur Bryant and the third child was the first time I had done that.

Normally I sit on a post for a while – rework and edit a few times. In truth, there has only ever been two pieces that I have posted literally straight from my head.

It just worked right from the first time. Which seldom happens with writing.

It also seemed to strike a chord with people who read it.

Another reason I consider it so successful is the cathartic effect it had on me. Putting those thoughts out there help me to let them go.

p.s. One of my seven bloggers has just posted some scribblin’s on emotions, embracing them, writing about them, letting them go when the time comes. If you want to read this thoughtful piece, check it out here: Pirate thoughts on emotion.


6. Most Under Rated:

Motorsport New Zealand and the Ordinary Man is a story I first wrote when I was at university.

An assignment required interviewing someone about a facet of their life and converting that information into an article.

I love the article, maybe some of it has to do with the fact that it is also about a dear and cherished friend, but I felt at the time it gave an insight into the Kiwi male mind.


7. Most Pride Worthy:

I am about to do it again. Cheat. I’m sorry but I can’t choose between these two. I am very proud of both of these for very different reasons.

A Piece of War started out very different to the version you will now read.

The character became dear to me, and I was driven to tell his story. I hope you feel I have done him justice.

The Capacity of Katie was another labour of love.

Katie taught me many things in the short time she inhabited my home and my heart.

This tiny wee bundle had so much to give and she gave it freely. I still miss her.


Seven Links Awards Recipients.

How do you choose seven?

1. I was tempted to name another post as my most popular, because of the enormous amount of traffic and comment that it has had – but as it was penned by another I thought that it may be cheating again, and I’ve done enough of that already.

Balladeer’s Blog is actually indescribable. This talented man wrote the saga of Buckshot Bryant for me, for which I shall be eternally grateful.

If you ask nicely – he’ll probably write you one. Like I said I can’t do justice in describing what he’s about – so go check it out.


2. I came across California Ink in Motion through a poetry site link up.

The post was The Aftermath; A horse and man *revised*, and that was it for me. Subscribed to the RSS feed and on repeated visits I have been amazed at the talent that explodes from this lady’s mind.


3. I found this maid through the Cap’n. We’ll get to him later. Sara then led me to the Balladeer. Incestuous isn’t it !! Sara has 2 blogs, and I will admit I enjoy her other one as well.

However, visiting The Midaeval Maiden blog is like spending time at your favourite fun park. So much to do and see and so little time.

She is one talented wordsmith/artist. While you are there check out her amazing art work, and read her saga ‘Six Gun Sara’, but be careful – she’s worth keeping an eye on.


4. A part of me still calls Australia home – I don’t think you ever lose that bond with the land you were born and raised on.

So it is not surprising that I find myself also drawn to the blogs of those living in the land where women glow and men plunder.

Sorry, I had to slip that in somewhere here – no more aussie inside jokes I promise.

Cheryl, at Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush, has a blog that is as aussie as they come.

The stories she shares are heart warming, poignant, sometimes heartbreakingly sad, as she takes you through the journey of rescuing and raising native animals in the Australian bush until they are ready to be released.

A particular favourite of mine is Merrilyn’s Story, but there are many other treasures to be found.


5. Now there is absolutely no way that I could get through these seven without mentioning the Cap’n.

This pirate of the WWW started blogging around the same time I did, and I am happy to report that I am officially an on board crew member.

RoughWaterJohn the Pirate is a terrible influence. He is also silver tongued (as any good pirate should be).

This pirate poet has given me many hours of pleasure. Drag your minds out of the gutter you lot – I’m talking about his way with words. So do yourself a favour and get on board.


6. unga bunga girl – need I say more? Her blog contains, as she puts it, the musings of a cave dweller.

Well, hit me on the head with a club and drag me inside please. You never know what you are going to get when you visit, a laugh, a tear, a lesson.

Each visit is a surprise, take her Ghost Hunt in York for example, you’ll get more than you bargained on. – kind of like entering Aladdin’s cave, where everything is shiny and new.  I want to burst into song after that line.

No – better this lady than me.


7.  Some time ago I read a post that stopped me breathing for a moment with the beauty of it.

Brynne, over at presence of magic can capture a slice of life in such a way that you want to crawl inside her words and become part of that moment.

The pictures she draws with her words are so vivid you go into sensory overload.

Be warned – when you visit – leave yourself time to really explore, and make sure you read the post that first captured my interest, To See With One’s Heart’, and tell me if you didn’t catch your breath.



So I cheated somewhat.

What did you expect?

There is a possibility The Kelly’s are ancestors of mine !!

We’re talking Ned’s family here people…

And I’m a member of a pirate crew.



Frontierado Day is finally here…

Wrangled from Six Gun Sara's scribblin's

Happy happy Frontierado Day to all the above – who know what I’m talking about.

For all you other poor saps who have yet to understand the finer workings of this great day – Balladeer’s Blog is where you need to mosey on over to.

As well as lots of great info on the day itself there are drink recipes, The Cactus Jack, and the Deuces Wild.

There are food recipes such as Tumbleweed Pizza.

Instructions on Frontierado Poker, and lots of other info as you need it.

Of course the day must have at some point the movie Silverado,

with the ever adorable Kevin Costner among others.

Happy days…………………..

Kevin’s thoughts on this classic. Part 1

More thoughts on Silverado by Kevin Costner. Part 2

Buckshot Bryant


Buckshot early in her career…

Joanne “Buckshot” Bryant was a notorious bank and train robber and is possibly best-remembered as the Queen of the Rustlers in the American West of the 1800′s. It could truly be said that this queen came from a family of outlaw aristocracy. Her parents ran the infamous Bryant Gang in Australia and may have even known the outback bandit Mad Dog Morgan before he earned his enormous reputation. When you consider the fact that the later Kelly Gang, Australia’s most well-known gang of outlaws, often pointed to the Bryant Gang as their biggest inspiration and their own personal heroes, Buckshot Bryant came from the most blue-blooded bandit stock imaginable.

Joanne, or “Jo’s” parents settled in America to live in comfortable retirement from their ill-gotten wealth from Down Under. Jo was always a handful, a very willfull and adventurous young lady who caused her parents no end of trouble. In 1861 Bryant’s parents left Missouri (where Jo was born) to escape the freshly-started Civil War and traveled east. While her family hobnobbed with various east-coast gentry Jo herself purportedly began a fling with THE Samuel Colt, a newly commissioned colonel in the Union army. Colonel Colt never saw action in the field, doing mostly administrative work, but that left him with plenty of time to frolic with the beautiful young lady he had fallen in love with. Jo was in her late teens or very early twenties (accounts vary) and Colt was as old or older than her father. When Jo’s family moved on in their travels Jo insisted on staying behind to be with her lover, remaining with him until his death in 1862. 

Rather than return to her parents at this time Jo’s adventurous nature led her to begin frequenting east coast rail lines, bedecked in fashionable outfits and luring well-to-do men with amorous intentions into her coachroom, where she would immediately pull a revolver on them and force them to undress and give her all their valuables. She would then slip out of the room and off the train. When the high-living young beauty was running out of the funds from her latest haul she would once again start riding the rails, relying on her sultry looks and her well-dressed appearance to draw another victim her way. One passenger she did not rob during that period of her life was a young Union officer named Humphrey Bogart,

Humphrey Bogart

with whom she supposedly had a brief fling. Bogart would later marry Amarillo Rose, the most colorful figure of the Amarillo Range War.   

Shortly after the end of the Civil War Bryant traveled to Missouri, siezed with an uncharacteristically nostalgic desire to once again see the home where she had spent her childhood, Kiwi Aussie Manor. She found the place a gutted shell because the abandoned home had been used as a headquarters by Confederate forces and then burned during a Union raid. Feeling more rootless than ever Jo boarded a train headed west, planning to resume her usual criminal activities. As fate would have it, once the train got into eastern Kansas it was boarded and robbed by the James-Younger Gang.

Top: Jesse James, Cole Younger, John Younger – Bottom: Frank James, Clell Miller, and Bob Younger.

As various members of the gang made their way through the train cars relieving the passengers of their valuables, Jo sprang into action and nearly shot Frank James right between the eyes before being grabbed from behind by Frank’s buddy Cole Younger. While the now-disarmed Jo stood there cursing the two outlaws in the foulest language imaginable they both stood there eyeing the gorgeous young thing before them with just one thing on their minds and it wasn’t Reconstruction Era politics. Calming down, Jo further charmed Cole and Frank by shrewdly telling them how her home had been burned by Union troops and about her railroad scam. Soon Jesse himself was on the scene ogling Jo and listening to his brother and Cole fill him in on this unexpected development. Jesse offered Jo a place in the James-Younger “organization” and she accepted, riding off with the outlaws.

Jo started out serving as a “plant” on trains the James-Younger Gang intended to rob. Dressed in finery she would pose as a passenger, then once the gang began their assault she would produce a gun or two to keep the passengers in line and accomodate the heist in any other way she  could. Ever fiery, however, Jo soon tired of that role and began taking a more active part in the robberies, toting a shotgun and even dressing in the gang’s legendary long dusters and dark cowboy hats like the other notorious woman in the gang, Belle Starr

Belle Starr

(though since this was before her marriage to Sam Starr she was still known as Belle Shirley). Jo and Belle got along famously and Belle herself gave Bryant her nickname following a legendary incident. Bob Ford, a fringe character in the Missouri outlaw world, was often trying to force himself on Jo. After one such incident Jo began loading her shotgun, swearing she would blow off Ford’s manhood so he would stop troubling her once and for all. Bob Ford fled as quickly as he could but Jo still fired off a barrel full of buckshot at his retreating form to drive home her point. Ford was far enough away that the shot wasn’t fatal but it caught him full on the buttocks, making it difficult for him to sit down for several days. Belle laughed uproariously and began calling Jo “Buckshot” Bryant, the name she would be known by forever after. 

Buckshot spent a few happy years with the James-Younger Gang, enjoying dalliances with Cole Younger and the two James brothers, sometimes both at once according to Belle Starr in her memoirs. All that Hell-raising took place in between daring bank and train robberies. Eventually, however, Buckshot Bryant wanted to lead a gang of her own and headed west along with her latest lover and fellow gang member Kevin “Colorado” Costner.

Kevin ‘Colorado’ Costner

In Texas, Buckshot and Colorado gathered around them the nucleus of the bank and train robbing gang that became known as the Poker Studs. That name for the gang came about because of Buckshot Bryant’s ever-roaming eye for handsome young men, whom she grew to love having around her as her subordinates. Treating these young men as her male harem, Buckshot was so desired by all of them that she took to having the young studs play poker for the privilege of sleeping with her each night. Thus, they became known as the Poker Studs, a name which was supposedly inverted and became the namesake of the game called Stud Poker, in a Burnside/Sideburns kind of way.  

Colorado Costner grew increasingly jealous of this behavior and after a furious argument with Buckshot, blurted out his love for her and rode off. Bryant was surprised by Costner’s declaration of love since she thought he saw it as just fun and games like she did. Sad but too proud to chase after him, Buckshot watched him ride off, not realizing they were destined to meet again.

Oddly stirred by the depth of Colorado’s feelings for her, Bryant tried losing herself in booze, loveplay with her Poker Studs and non-stop larcenous behavior. Eventually feeling that banks worth robbing were a bit too far apart this far out west compared to back in the Missouri-Kansas area, Buckshot decided to move into rustling instead of bank robbing, though the gang would still keep their hand in train robbing with occassional heists. Sitting tall in the saddle and with her trusty shotgun always at her side, Buckshot Bryant molded her Poker Studs into a very lucrative operation. The gang would rustle cattle from ranches throughout Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, herd them below the border into Mexico where they would be either sold or traded for horses, which could then be sold back in the U.S. for a profit.

Once, after rustling some livestock from the High Chaparral, the gang was pursued by Manolito Montoya himself, who attacked the band of rustlers single-handed.


Intrigued by this foohardy courage, Buckshot ordered her Poker Studs not to kill the handsome Latino, with whom she checked into a Tucson hotel. There the two reached some form of accomodation, with the result that Jo promised to stop rustling from the High Chaparral and Manolito promised to never reveal the location of the desert hideout that he had trailed the gang to.

Sometimes Buckshot and the Poker Studs would rustle just a few cattle for the gang’s personal consumption and would have a massive cookout under the nighttime desert skies, the beef accompanied by tortillas, rice and beans, all washed down with gutrot whiskey. Bryant would revel in these festivities, comfortable and very pleased, surrounded as she was by a gaggle of toughened hombres who all desired and feared her at the same time. 

Joining in the fun with Jo at these events would be Poker Studs like:

Dancin’ Pat Swayze, formerly of the Point Break Gang, who joined Buckshot’s gang when she sheltered him from the Texas Rangers who were pursuing him 

Dancin’ Pat Swayze

Lariat Leo DiCaprio, the experienced rustler, fresh out of prison, who helped educate Buckshot Bryant and the Poker Studs in the ways of rustling. His specialty was altering cattle brands

Lariat Leo DiCaprio

Colin “Wild Irish” Farrell, who fancied the rustling trade (and himself) as a continuation of the ancient Irish “art” of rustling as depicted in Celtic Mythology.

Colin ‘Wild Irish’ Farrell.

During this period of her career the Queen of the Rustlers enjoyed tweaking the forces of the law in the frontier as they ineffectually tried to bring her to justice. In the New Mexico Territory Buckshot Bryant made it her personal mission to confound the best efforts of Pat Garrett as she continually bested him at the mental chess game they played. Jo made him look so foolish that she is considered the main reason why he eventually lost reelection as sheriff and moved to Texas.

Bryant held Judge Roy Bean in particular contempt and loathed him as the epitome of the hypocritical, self-serving and corrupt system of law enforcement in the Wild West. Bean had vowed that if Buckshot was brought before him he would sentence her in one minute and hang her in two. Once, when Dancin’ Pat and Wild Irish had been captured and Bean had sentenced them to the gallows Jo mounted and executed what would today be called a commando-style raid to free her imprisoned Poker Studs. This escapade infuriated Judge Bean so much that Bryant took to freeing many of the other prisoners Bean had sentenced to death. She was so successful at this that, from then on, despite the many felons given a capital sentence by the power-crazed Judge only one was ever actually hanged. One of the men Jo rescued from Bean’s demented form of “justice” was the wandering gunfighter Juniper Johnny Depp, said to be a descendant of the notorious pirate captain Jack Sparrow. Depp and Bryant had a brief affair, which ended when the next paying client for his skill at gunplay came along and he rode off.  

Juniper Johnny Depp

Buckshot Bryant and the Poker Studs are still a very sore subject with the Texas Rangers since no other band of outlaws was as skilled at foiling their pursuit. If cornered Jo and her minions were more than happy to resort to gunplay and Bryant’s shotgun sent many a law enforcement officer or bounty hunter to their graves.

Ranger William Wallace

Ranger William “Bigfoot” Wallace so admired Buckshot’s pluck that he had an unofficial “truce” with the rustling queen and would often get together with her and the Poker Studs across the border in Mexico to raise Hell in saloons.

Texas Ranger Mark Wahlberg

Texas Ranger Mark Wahlberg came the closest to actually bringing Buckshot Bryant in, but, supposedly smitten with his gorgeous quarry, he let her go free instead. Unable to reconcile this with his devotion to law enforcement Wahlberg shot himself to death after watching Bryant ride off. 

Poker Alice

Buckshot’s friendship with Poker Alice, the  frequently widowed card-player who roamed the west, is legendary. Bryant was far too shrewd to ever get involved in a poker game with the gun-toting mistress of the card tables but the two loved tearing up the saloons during the many times their paths crossed, often with mutual friend Doc Holliday present as well.

Doc Holliday

The biggest strain on their friendship came when Poker Alice was working as a dealer in a saloon owned by Bob Ford, the killer of Jesse James and the would-be lothario whose antics had led to Buckshot being so named during their years in Missouri. Jo threatened to blow Ford away for his betrayal of Jesse and had to be physically restrained by Poker Alice to prevent her from killing Ford in front of a room full of witnesses. Alice persuaded her old, dear friend to leave, but Bryant vowed to never speak to Poker Alice again as long as she worked for Ford. That promise was kept but after Alice wandered on to another location the friendship between the two legends resumed. 

Many books have been written about Buckshot Bryant’s involvement with various Native American leaders. Debate over her motives for assisting them in their battles with the bluecoats of the U.S. army continues to this day. Bryant would see to it that meat from rustled cattle would find its way to hostile chiefs like Red Cloud, Geronimo and Cochise to keep their people fed during hard times. Not only that but horses that she obtained in Mexico in exchange for rustled livestock would sometimes be given to those same chiefs to help fuel their war effort. In exchange the chiefs would help Jo and her gang to hide from particularly dangerous pursuit.

Red Cloud

Buckshot was especially close to Cochise, who named her “Shoots Deadly Woman”, and the Queen of the Rustlers was foolhardy enough to visit Cochise in disguise when her old friend was on his deathbed in 1874. Bryant even accompanied the burial party and was said to be the only white person who ever knew Cochise’s exact resting place. 

With the death of this friend of hers, Buckshot Bryant’s conviction to assist the warring Native American leaders was doubled. She took to leading her Poker Studs in running guns to the Sioux during the Sioux uprising. These activities led her into contact with former Lieutenant John Dunbar, noted for his years living with Native Americans, who named him Dances With Wolves.

John Dunbar

Dunbar had once been mistakenly arrested for a few days because of his uncanny resemblance to Bryant’s old beau Colorado Costner. Dunbar’s philosophical musings about the plight of the Native Americans helped strengthen Jo’s resolve. 

One day in the 1880′s who should come riding into the canyon hideout of Buckshot Bryant and the Poker Studs but that same Colorado Costner. He hadn’t lost his touch, and had tracked the gang down and penetrated their lair without them so much as noticing. He and Buckshot embraced and he related to her how he had been caught and arrested less than a year after riding off following their argument long ago. Luckily, when he left them the gang was not yet under a death sentence so he was not hanged but he had served a long prison term. His sentence was lengthened by his refusal to cooperate by giving law enforcement any information that would help them locate the woman he loved. Kevin told Jo how the thought of being able to one day hold her in his arms again was the only thing that kept him going during his time suffering in the hellish prison conditions of the time. This time Jo wasn’t too proud to admit her feelings for this man who had endured so much for her sake and the two were supposedly wed, although no records to support that assertion have ever been found. 

Kevin ‘Colorado’ Costner

Costner enthusiastically embraced his true love’s desire to aid Native American resistance and the two spent several happy years devoted to each other (the gang was now the Poker Studs in name only since Jo and Kevin were deeply in love). Their lives were filled with rustling, periodic train robberies, hair’s-breadth escapes from the law and with providing surreptitious aid to the Native American cause. The two felt a tight bond with the Native Americans, whom they saw as kindred spirits in living on their own terms against the power of outside forces.

In 1890 events came crashing down on Buckshot Bryant and Colorado Costner. After the gang was very nearly caught while running a supply of fresh beef to a suffering Native American community, the Poker Studs were fed up with risking their necks in such endeavors and abandoned Jo and Kevin. The two spent a few weeks in the village and therefore got to be first hand witnesses when the Ghost Dance spread into the community. The Ghost Dance has been classified as a semi-ecstatic state in which the participants were encouraged to believe all the dead Native Americans of the past, as well as all the dead buffalo, were going to return and the white people would all be driven away. This was all misinterpreted as another uprising and troops were sent to squelch it. 

Thus it was that Buckshot Bryant and Colorado Costner were on hand at Wounded Knee when the army moved in to massacre the Ghost Dancers, who were all dancing, not fighting. From what has been reconstructed of the scene, Bryant and Costner, presumably sickened at what they were witnessing, savagely fought off the attacking bluecoats for as long as they could before the overwhelming odds caught up with them and they perished alongside the people with whom they had shared their strongest bond of kinship. 

Buckshot Bryant has been portrayed in films by Rita Hayworth,

Rita Hayworth

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

and Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie

Tristan Ludlow himself was said to be inspired with his interest in the Native Amerian lifestyle by reading dime novels and history books about the legendary Queen of the Rustlers.     

Tristan Ludlow



The Blackwater Kid

Buckshot not long before The Wounded Knee Massacre

If you want your own saga then contact the Balladeer here.

To The Blackwater Kid – thanks for this great story from your friend Buckshot Bryant.

Buckshot is mentioned in The Amazing Saga of Lady London.

And although she plays no part in these sagas – Buckshot recommends you check them out:

Six Gun Sara

Doc Robin and Kid Equus

Cactus Cathy

Buckshot Rides Again…with the Winchester Boys.


Another vavavavoom lady for you to enjoy – complete with her own brand of Poker Studs !!!!

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Buckshot rides again…with the Winchester boys !!!!!

Laminated List

Kevin – Part One – The Early Years

Balladeer’s Blog

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this blog.

I’ve met amazing people.

And I’ve found amazing websites.

One is called the Balladeer’s Blog.

The Balladeer has invented his own holiday, which is held on the first Friday in August and it is called


I’m looking forward to it this year.

I may not live in the USA, but any excuse to have fun sounds like a good idea.

For more info on

Frontierado head on over to check it out.

The Balladeer has written a saga for me. First I had to fill in a questionnaire.

He wanted to know about my celebrity crushes, heroes from the Wild West, historical events I was interested in, etc.

I filled it in – sent it off and waited (impatiently I will admit). I had already seen another’s saga and was dying to see what he would come up with.


When it arrived in my inbox I laughed so much I was crying and couldn’t finish reading it in one go.

I was a little freaked out – he really got me. I could see me getting up to SOME of that stuff.

And the harem idea is brilliant. You’ll understand what I mean when you read it – it is every woman’s dream harem.

If you are interested in getting your own saga then contact The Balladeer here.

For mine head over to “Buckshot” Bryant.



thankyou, thankyou.

I love it !!!