20 more things #3

  1. I used to be on the committee for the local drama society. I left because of political manoeuvring by one committee member. When I began to dread going to meetings, instead of looking forward to the creative challenge, when I debated whether to attend the Christmas party, I resigned. I could have stayed – but I figure life is getting shorter and I want to spend it on things and people I enjoy.
  2. My eyesight used to be FANTASTIC. Now I can’t see to thread a needle, and the other day my daughter had a giggle when she saw the book I was reading was large print.
  3. In the last wee while (actually months) I lost 30 kilos. I didn’t do it intentionally.
  4. last year I found out that I had high cholesterol so I decided it was time to get healthy. I threw out ALL the processed stuff and now cook from scratch. It has given me back my enjoyment of cooking.
  5. Last weekend I made my first soufflé. I got it out of a recipe book my kids gave me for Christmas full of healthy YUMMY stuff. When it came out of the oven – high/light/fluffy, I was so excited that I had done it. I felt like I did the first time someone said they liked something I wrote.
  6. It has taken me until recently to be able to let go of friends that no longer walk in the same direction I do. Even when we no longer had any common ground, when the silences were awkward, I found it difficult not to try to keep the friendship going.
  7. What I have learnt from this is that sometimes people are only in your life for but for a brief time and that’s okay.
  8. I hate thieves. Once, when my son was very young, his friend talked him into taking money from an honesty box. When he confessed to me, he is pretty honest; I took him to the people and made him tell them what he had done. He paid back the money, apologised, and arranged to work for them for a day for nothing. He hates thieves as much as I do. The thing I hate is that someone thinks they have the right to something someone else worked for. I’m on the fence about the way they used to chop off their hands…
  9. The first really scary movie I ever saw was ‘Play Misty for Me’ with Clint Eastwood. It scared the crap out of me. I was about fifteen and a friend was staying with me. The house I lived in was old and the drive was long, with trees lining it. We stood on the street for half an hour before running for our lives to the front door.
  10. The first doll I remember owning was a porcelain doll a neighbour gave me – she was beautiful. But someone I thought was a friend broke her on purpose.
  11. When I was seven all I wanted for Christmas was a sewing box. My aunt got it for me, and it lay under the tree. I knew what it was and on Christmas Day I couldn’t wait to go and get it. When we arrived there I spotted my cousin (who had the same name) playing with a sewing box. She had found it and my aunt had let her have it. She explained all this to me, and gave me money instead. A little piece of my heart broke off that day – I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t important enough for her to save my present.
  12. I lived with another aunt (Auntie Rita) almost all of my life that I can remember, until I was eight. She was tough, but every time I went to the shop I was allowed to get a little something for myself. I always bought the same thing. The local shop had small cellophane packets that contained rings – a set – a wedding and engagement ring. I never brought anything else but a packet of those.
  13. When my Auntie Rita died I was asked what I wanted from her estate. She always wore a gold marcasite watch. It was only thing I wanted as I could remember it clearly hanging on her wrist. It is one of my most treasured items. It started a life long love affair with marcasite jewellery.
  14. When I went to live Mum, as well as getting three in-house brothers she supplied an array of pets. The first two dogs I had were tragic. One got distemper and had to be put to sleep, the next my brother accidentally (or so I thought at the time) backed over her with his car.
  15. The night I arrived at Mum’s my brother Ian asked me to spell Queensland. I got it wrong – leaving out the ‘S’. I was mortified for days.
  16. Not long after I arrived there I went to the shop down the road one day. When I never came home they came looking for me. I was lying on the footpath in pain. A rush to hospital saw me getting my appendix taken out.
  17. In those days you stayed in hospital for a long time, and visitors were kept strictly to the rules. I was nine, scared, alone. One night I needed to go to the toilet, but the sister on duty was terrifying at best, and I was too timid to ask her for help. So I crawled into a corner of the ward and when I could no longer hold it in I peed my pants.
  18. We used to look after a Shetland pony for the circus my Mum would work for occasionally. It was the meanest, grumpiest horse in the entire world, and possibly the only animal I have ever hated.
  19. The thing I remember most about first going to school is that I hated it. I ran away and hid behind my aunt’s house. Later I used to fish with the boys for magnetic fish in a plastic wading pool. I don’t remember any girls being my friends.
  20. When I was in year 5 at school I got 100% for a test in reading comprehension at school. Some of the girls said I cheated – that it wasn’t possible to get 100%. I never understood why they weren’t happy for me.

8 thoughts on “20 more things #3”

  1. Hi Jo, two jobs now keeping me a tad busy. I am absolutely the same as you on 2, 5 and 8. I assume 3 and 4 are tied together and noithing sinister is happening. Almost cried from 12 – 17. Take care and be happy. Cheryl


    1. Nothing sinister – just needed to attend to the cholesterol problem – which dealt with the weight problem. Yeah !! Don’t get worn out from those jibs – remember to be happy as well. :)


  2. It was fun getting to know you better. :) #9 and 19 are fun memories. I did the same but Ill add wrestling with the boys to that. :) #11 made me angry. My hubbys parrents did stuff like that to him all the time. #15, 17… heres one from me. I moved in with grandma for firstgrade. At school I stood to recite the alphabet. Then the mean nun insisted I left out the ‘n’ she made me feel like a fool and punished me. All the while I knew I had not left out the ‘n’ Why that still bothers me, I dont know. :)


    1. Ohhh…I think I would have had a friend had we been at school together. I went to a Catholic school for a while after I went to live with Mum and some of the Nuns there were hateful. I never understood that – still don’t. Why terrorize children when you are supposed to be doing the thing you want – the thing that makes your life complete. I don’t know why either but maybe it it because you KNOW you were right – injustice stings at any age. And maybe adult you feels for little you with that terrible memory. :)


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