A is for arraisonnement

seek the stone that has birthed of itself

that which is hollow of centre,

tread into the world beyond the void

pierced with bough,

sleep a dead man’s sleep

and in the morn’s dew wash away the sin,

one day merges the years

a lost eternity,

be wary

the fruit is not always bounty

but oft times

the lock on the door




For more

check out ABC Wednesday – ‘A’

arraisonnement means inspection


  1. Always love to learn a new word – a nautical term and apt for a lady of the sea. Surreal image and words that waft – amazing and highly original admixture for ABC Wednesday


  2. This is a new word to me, and always up to learn something new, I couldn’t even find it in my dictionaries, however I noticed Laura defined it as a nautical term. The picture of the girl and the poem complement each other. Lovely.


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