R I P my beautiful Crash.

I miss you already. I miss your silly antics. I miss the noise you filled my house with. I miss the love you filled my heart with.

IMG_4207Today my heart is in pain…but I am so glad I knew you.

R I P my beautiful Crash.

96 thoughts on “R I P my beautiful Crash.”

  1. I am SO SORRY, Jo. I don’t know what to say, because nothing can make you feel better at this time. I cry too, because I know how precious our little creatures are. I wish I could give you a hug …

  2. My condolence, Jo. Sorry to hear. Just think about the pleasure and smiles he had given you when he was still there that I know you won’t forget. Hugs.

  3. Oh dear, I’m so sorry Jo – and there I was, quietly hopeful yesterday evening. How lucky you were to have had him in your care, to enjoy his antics and his gorgeous self, and how lucky he didn’t suffer for too long. Hope it’s a good walking day so you can be with nature.

    1. I too went to bed quietly hopeful. But it just wasn’t meant to be I guess. I was very lucky to have had him with me. For that I am grateful, and if it means feeling this way now, then it is a price I will gladly pay.

    1. He was HH. He could be soooo silly. He had a string of rings in his cage that he used to slip his head through and just hang there chirping. My son used to shake his head and call him the ‘suicide’ bird.

  4. … so sorry for your loss, Jo … awh, the first photo of his sweet googely eye … omg … remembering my own cockatiel Billy as well … Love, cat.

        1. Losing a beloved pet is such a punch to the gut. It takes time to get past the pain. Take care of yourself…focus on the love…and remember the time you had together. That is what I am going to try to do in the coming days.

  5. So, so sorry Jo, I know how much Crash meant to you, and it will be hard for you to come to terms with losing him. In time you will remember him with a little less pain in your heart.
    RIP beautiful little Crash.

    1. Thank you Barb. It has been a hard 24 hours. But the other fur babies are doing their best to comfort me. Chevvy has barely left my side, and Charlie has found a permanent spot on my chest, rubbing his face against mine. Even my grumpy Jackie slept with me last night…not something she does terribly often.

        1. They sure have been a comfort to me. Chevvy gets very concerned when I 😥. Going to go out soon and potter in the garden. Take my mind off it all.

  6. sending love and cyber hugs Jo, he was a beautiful little fellow, so bright …. he has left a lot of happiness behind to be savoured over the sad times … so sorry he has gone …

    1. Thank you Sylvia. He was a very handsome boy with his bright yellow and those gorgeous red/orange cheeks. I miss his constant chatter. But the other fur babies are doing their best to keep me occupied.

  7. So sorry, Jo. As has been said by others, I wish I could give you a hug. If my arms could only reach across the world…
    Allow yourself your grief and take care of yourself. Many thoughts and prayers are with you at this time…xoxo

    1. Thank you Sue. The lovely messages on here are helping. And the fur babies are covering me [yes I do mean that] in love. Charlie is constantly on my chest, Chevvy is never more than a centimetre away, even Jackie came in for a cuddle in bed last night.

    1. I will Nicole. I think anyone who has ever loved and been loved by an animal knows how hard it is when you lose them. But all the love pouring in from bloggers [friends] does help. The fur babies are helping a lot. There seems to always be one of them on me since it happened.

  8. Beautiful photos of your dear boy. I am so sorry Jo, he will leave a big gap won’t he? I know only too well what it’s like to lose a pet and my heart and hugs go out to you.

    1. Thanks Gilly. Yes that tiny little soul will leave a huge hole. But rest assured the fur babies are taking extremely good care of me. As I write this Charlie is curled up on my chest rubbing my head with his, Chevvy is wrapped around my legs. Even Jackie [grumpy old lady she is] crawled up in to bed for a cuddle last night. They are really covering me in love. It helps !

    1. Yes it is Al. Thank you for saying so. I am trying to take comfort in what the vet told me. That knowing his history, she thinks there was always some underlying problem with his wee body [his respiratory system], and that if he had lived with anyone else he may not have lived as long or as well as he did. She did say that other than obviously being very sick when I brought him to her, he looked in very good condition. So I try to keep that in mind and remember what a silly little guy he was at times. That must mean he was happy right ??

      1. You kept him alive longer than he should really have done. You gave him time that wasn’t his, so yes. He was very happy with you Jo. You can take comfort with that.

          1. You will. It has been a couple of years since we lost our cat and we still miss him. Also miss our dog who died about 9 years ago. He will be a hole in your heart and although the hole won’t fill, the edges will soften

    1. Thank you Amy. I do miss him terribly at the moment. I know I will always miss Crash…he was such a character, but his memory will help soften the blow of losing him.

      1. When I had to put Holly down (2 years ago now) it was the hardest thing. It took me a long time to get over it. It still makes me sad. Some pets just are just extra special. A good cry is sometimes good… as is honouring them as you did in your post.

          1. I gave his toys away yesterday and last night put his cage out on the kerb with a ‘free to good home’ sign. I just couldn’t stand the sight of it in the room any more. Every time I saw it I’d look for Crash…then realise again…and each time my heart broke again. I really miss the sight and sound of him.

          2. Well that is good you are ready to make that step. My husband forced to me to that right after we put down Holly and it was like really saying good-bye and I just fell to pieces. I wasn’t ready for that step and it was too hard at the time.

          3. I thought about it…whether I was ready, but the last couple of nights seeing his cage empty has me a blubbering mess. I can cope with photos, but I just couldn’t with that cage.

  9. Ag noooo sweetness! Oh, I am so sorry for you and know the pain you are going through. He was so adorable! Wish I was there to give you a hug. My condolences sweetness. Take care. ♥ Big Hugs ♥

  10. Aww JO.. I am so sorry to click here to find this sad news… What a beautiful bird… I know how attached and how special these little fellows are.. My sister had a budgie.. only a little budgie.. but he would do little tricks only for her she was heartbroken when he passed too…
    So sending you Lots of Hugs and cuddles … Love Sue xox

    1. Thanks Sue. It is very hard at the moment. Today I am cleaning out his cage and putting it out on the kerb to see if someone wants it. I can’t stand it in the house. Every time I look up I get a shock when he isn’t there.

  11. I clicked ‘Like” for the beautiful photos you have of Crash. It saddens me to know that someone you have loved as a companion has passed. I hope you will always treasure the memories of the joyous moments he gave you.
    Namaste …. Issy <3 hugs <3

  12. Jo, it is a difficult time of transition — losing those sweet feather/fur friends who spend years with us, interweaving their spirit and love in our hearts and life. I am sorry for your loss.

    1. Thank you Becca. That you took the time to offer your words of comfort mean a lot to me. It hurts now, but I would not exchange the hurt if it would mean never knowing and loving Crash.

      1. I know exactly where you are. I lost my “heart-child” a month ago. And many others before her. I wouldn’t trade time as their guardian for anything. Though, time is never long enough. ♥♥♥

        1. I am so sorry to hear that Becca. But I am sure through the way you speak that your “heart-child” was given a wonderful life with you. Sadly what you say is true…time is never long enough. Sending you a hug.

  13. Such a lovely little fella, Jo! That 24 hours must have been a nightmare. You fought so hard to keep him. Nobody can fill the gap but I’m glad you have the comfort of your animal friends. Not much us poor bloggers can do than send hugs.

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