CBBH Photo Challenge: AFTER THE RAIN

To put you in the mood…we have The Doors !!!



My two blogs are…

  1. Brynne’s Presence of Magic is an old, old favourite of mine. I probably have mentioned her before, but good things should be shared around. Her posts are the substance of fairy dust and flying horses. They make you feel good.
  2. Truth Theory is where I go to read when I want to know more about my world, what we are doing to it and what might work to make it better.

Conejo Blanco


  1. Quite strange … I’m giving another author talk at a local library today, and was just prepping myself for it – which caused me to remember an early chapter in which “Riders on the Storm” features … It isn’t a bright, light chapter, as you would expect.
    And then, my first name is ‘Margaret Rose’ …
    So your first two pictorial inserts, when I cam back to my PC, gave me a bit of a rude shock.
    But not unpleasant, I hasten to add, Jo …


  2. Sorry not to get back to you before now Jo – we’ve been back to the UK with a side visit to Iceland to see the Northern Lights!!

    WOW! Just look at the vivid colour of the pink rose …. it’s breathtaking. I don’t know either of your two chosen blogs – so I’ll hop right over there now šŸ™‚


There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: I want to hear your opinion.

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