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Day 5

IMG_9061 copy

seek what you need

no more

no less,

for nature

will provide for you

if you provide for her

Here are the rules for the “Five Photos Five Stories” challenge: “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.
(Sporadic posting is alright if you’re unable to post each day.)

Once more I must step in to the WorldWideWeb and pluck a name for this challenge. My last time. Thus I must choose wisely…Sharon. Again…feel free to ignore my request if you will.

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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_2673 copy

Travel Theme: Blossom

Blossoms…having reverted to rather chilly mornings having blossoms as the travel theme this week brought me back, if only in my dreams, to the softer days of spring. I am missing them. Last week my fire died, well the flue part of it, and I am waiting on it to be repaired, keeping my fingers crossed the temperatures don’t drop any further until it is.

I would really love your help identifying some of these. I do love flowers, and grow a few but am hopeless when it comes to knowing what it is I have half the time.

I do know that this is a protea. Hard to miss that one. No idea what type though.
I do know that this is a protea. hard to miss that one. No idea what type though.
This is a nasturtium right ? idea what type.
This is a nasturtium right ? Again…no idea what type.
Help !!! What the heck is this ??
Help !!! What the heck is this ??
So out of my league here. I found this beauty on a walk with Chevvy.
So out of my league here. I found this beauty on a walk with Chevvy.
I admit defeat with this one. Found in a garden in Matamata.
I admit defeat with this one. Found in a garden in Matamata.
Thought I should end on a high note. These are daisies...right ???
Thought I should end on a high note. These are daisies…right ???

Now…just because…

It’s A Parade !

Cee is running a Mother Earth series in her Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. There are five categories:

  • Flowers
  • Leaves and Trees
  • Nature Animals: birds, squirrels, deer
  • Ground: rocks, sand, dirt, paths, walks, trails
  • Water: puddles, rivers, lakes

Want to join the challenge…then click on the Cee’s button below.


Spring close ups

Lucky for me I am able to combine both the Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring & Ailsa’a Travel Theme: Close Up this week with a few close up shots that represent spring to me. With winter closing in here in New Zealand, it is enough to make a girl a bit jealous of those of you who are welcoming the flowers, the baby animals and the warmth back in to your worlds.

I found this video from an animal rescue mission in Australia. Edgar’s Mission is a sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Victoria. I hope you will visit their site and see some of the wonderful work they do for these precious animals.

On the other side…sadly today is the start of duck shooting season here in New Zealand. Safe is running a campaign here to try to educate people as to the cruelty these beautiful birds suffer:

The campaign highlights how to some, duck shooting may seem like fun but in reality, it means tremendous suffering for the birds.  It is expected that one million waterfowl, many of them native, will be brutally shot and killed.  Up to 250,000 will be left crippled, to die slow and painful deaths.


Wordless Wednesday

IMG_7444 IMG_7493 IMG_7499 IMG_7669 IMG_7716

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

As we see summer disappear here [though you wouldn’t know it today with the sun shining and the temperature hovering at 24%], my thoughts drift back to when the warmer weather heralded the crossing of a threshold in to the budding spring.

When the agapanthus begin to peek out from their buds I know the door is opening to warmth and new life.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


CBBH Photo Challenge: AFTER THE RAIN

To put you in the mood…we have The Doors !!!



My two blogs are…

  1. Brynne’s Presence of Magic is an old, old favourite of mine. I probably have mentioned her before, but good things should be shared around. Her posts are the substance of fairy dust and flying horses. They make you feel good.
  2. Truth Theory is where I go to read when I want to know more about my world, what we are doing to it and what might work to make it better.

Conejo Blanco

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Purple

A song from my wayward youth…by Deep Purple…goodness how this brings back memories. Ones I am in no way sharing with you lot !!!!

I admit it…I have added a couple of older images here…but they are soooooo PURPLE !!!!

And who among you remember this song? I used to pray that one day I would meet such a fearsome creature in my travels. I mean the purple people eater used to rock from the horn in his head and sing ‘bam boom’, that is pretty cool !  I figured I was safe as I wasn’t purple.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

I found this community busy outside by my front steps. Hours later and lots of photos taken…only one image comes even close to making me happy. Well – no, not happy – but at least it shows what I was trying to do. Back to the drawing board I guess.

Ants - macro

And now…for something completely off track.

I read about this during the week, and would really like your opinion. People are pouring aluminum down ant hills to make art. With the poor old ants in residence.

I was taken aback to say the least…okay they may be ants…and at times they are annoying, but seriously. This is cruelty right ???

Here is a video of a scientist doing just that. It seems to me that even for science there must be better ways to study ants than to pour molten aluminum over them.

What do you think ????

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community