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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Circles and Curves

I spent last Sunday morning roaming around inside Auckland’s Museum while I waited to meet up with The Daughter. These are some of the treasures that grabbed my attention.

P1090732 P1090706 P1090780

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37 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Circles and Curves”

  1. that baby carriage is really lovely! ^^ when i have a kid, i want one that looks just like that lol and im gonna walk around the park with it ^^


  2. My first thought about the bowl was yuk but I kept looking and it looks like its made from sherbet and you can take a bite – sweet! The carriage is so romantic but the clock is my favourite, do I see ‘EXETER’ on it?


  3. That pram is similar to the one I pushed my son around in. A Silver Cross I think it was called 🙂 but it didnt have the wicker work lol.. I know I felt nervous the first time I took him out in it.. as it was huge.. LOL We got it second hand from my hubbies sister.. 🙂 back in the early 70’s .. they were the IN thing.. 🙂
    Great photos..


  4. The carriage is amazing! So swirly and delicate. The clock is very cool. I love clocks. I wish I could have an entire wall of them. The bowl? It’s a bowl, right? Freaky!
    I love the “I Believe” photo of you below. ( I know. Not part of the challenge, but…)


  5. I love them all, but am drawn to the bowl. Those are the colors of my college–where I met The Better Half. it’s funny, whenever I think about college I think about TBH. Shhh don’t tell anyone I’m a hopeless romantic.


  6. Gosh .. I had a pram (ie: baby carriage) for my youngest daughter that had wheels like that one. i loved it. The bowl is fascinating. I thought it might be made of sugar crystals or small glass crystals. What was it made from??? It is colorful. Great shots of circles.


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