Survivors – The Relay For Life.

I have been thinking about IMG_1240 lately. Yes I do think occasionally. About how we take it for granted we will have time to do the things we want…later. Too often we let it slide past us without making each second count.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with two gorgeous ladies at an event in Tauranga to celebrate not only life but TIME as well.'ve got to love THAT name !!!
Joanne…you’ve got to love THAT name !!!

Watching the afternoon unfold made me remember an important truth. No length of time seems long enough to accomplish all we want to. But if we make the most of it, live in every second as it happens…it is an eloquent sufficiency we leave behind in the memory of others !!

The Relay for Life happened in cities all over New Zealand.

  • It raises money for Cancer.
  • It is a day of rejoicing for those who have fought and won the battle for more time.
  • It is a day to remember those whose time has come to an end.

Both of my friends are cancer survivors. They are beautiful, bright, feisty women who have made my TIME on this Earth better for their presence in my life. As they walked the SURVIVORS HONOUR LAP I had to run to keep ahead of them.

Relay For Life

That doesn’t happen often with these ladies…me keeping ahead that is. But as I sure have fun trying, for now I will just keep hanging around them !!

Tauranga Relay For Life

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  1. I have a few friends at the moment who are battling with cancer, and my mum is a survivor, so this is a cause close to my heart. My girls and I did the race for life over here a few years ago & raised over £600. We were very happy 🙂

    Great idea for this topic


  2. Never put things off until later. Running a 5k is on my list for this year, I was inspired by the Race for Life that raises awareness and money for cancer charities every year.


      1. You need to check your inbox from time to time, or maybe the spambo-wambo box as I sent you an invite ages ago 🙂 I hope that you are a lot warmer than I am Jo it’s positively freezing the Zombies nuts off here today 😦 lol xxx


  3. Recently I chopped all of my hair off (my second time) to donate for wigs for cancer patients. This summer I am thinking of running a 10 K to raise money for cancer research. Ten years ago I lost my grandmother due to cancer. Thanks for doing this and for helping. Everyone can help.


  4. I have friends who have committed themselves to training and raising funds for these causes. They have always sung praises for how it changed them forever. I would like to do this one day, with full commitment, not just donating.


  5. such beautiful young women jo, thanks for sharing this story, it looks like a joyful jubilant day! wishing them all many more laps of honour …


  6. A real boost post Jo ! I think when someone has had such a thing to overcome they seem to pass on their zest for life and make others value what they have maybe taken for granted before .
    What a pal you are to people 😉


    1. They sure have done that for me Poppy. As for being a pal…it is the other way around. They are so wonderful…I count myself lucky to spend a minute in their company.


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