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Tahitian Sunset

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is sunset. In 2009 I spent four days in Tahiti with a girlfriend.

Tahiti is the only place in the world where I have seen a chocolate sunset, the one that I caught above in the header.

On our last day we traveled around the island. We saw the Point Venus Lighthouse which was built by Robert Louis Stevenson’s father. As I stood there looking at this piece of Tahitian history the sun began her journey to the other side of the world and cloaked the lighthouse in a warm blanket of light.

To the grandiose farewell of the setting sun we made out way back in to Papeete.

Click on the image to really see Tahiti’s beauty


55 thoughts on “Tahitian Sunset”

  1. How did Tahiti feel to you, Jo? Mom always tells me how much she loved it way back when.

    What a lovely set of pictures…and oohh, how i love the idea of a chocolate sunset!!! Thank you!!


    1. I loved it Brynne. I really want to go back now that I know more. Rent a house instead of staying at a resort. We followed the locals around to supermarkets/eateries and it was so wonderful. The people are fabulous. Caught the local buses instead of tourist buses…hired a car one day (this day) and went to places most tourists don’t bother. It is such a wonderful place if you really look…


    1. Oh Gilly it really is…I loved Tahiti so much more than I ever thought I would. Had lots to do with the person I went with too…she is so easy to travel with…no fuss, no bother…and not in to tourist stuff.


    1. Thanks Jennifer. Me to (2nd shot) but I wanted to show a bit of Tahiti’s history. While I did know that Robert Louis Stevenson was there, I found it fascinating that his Dad was too and built this on the island. I love history/mythology – especially when my feet is touching the soil where it happened.


        1. If you ever get the chance – go. But check it out before. If I ever go back I would try to rent a house/apartment I think…and stay away from the touristy things. Follow the locals for food…restaurants/supermarkets…and go to the night food market for dinner. Drive down the island to where the real people live. Hire a car or catch the local buses…though remember they don’t run on Sundays. That is where the beauty in Tahiti lies…in the real people and where they live.


  2. That chocolate sunset is just breath-taking, Jo! That should be your header every day…lol. Truly is amazing the range of colors that can be present in a sunrise or sunset. There is no better artist than Mother Nature!


    1. You got that right…she is the most wonderful artist in the universe.
      God how I hope Rodriguez come to tour here one day.
      I’d forgotten the magnificence of some of the songs.
      Thank you


  3. The Tahitian sunset in your photo is magnificent. I submitted a sunset photo from Noumea which I thought was pretty different, but yours is really something special. Thanks for showing us what it’s like in Tahiti.


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