I’m a happy little Kiwi – cause someone gave me some lovin’

Yep they did !!!!!!

TWO someones.

I’m feeling like a Jo sandwich, or maybe a Jo hotdog.

Oh yeah !!!!!

I love the fact that someone thinks I am special.

Special enough to hand out an award.

Whoo hoo.

There are rules to getting awards.

1. Thank the people who give them to you and link to their blog.

Heh – like I wouldn’t want to do that !!!!!

So to Sue over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

and Granny Dog

I bow down in sincere and heartfelt thanks that you consider me and my ravings worthy of these awards.

2.  Next nominate 15 Bloggers for this award and notify them about the nomination.


1. Presence of Magic

 Well that about says it all folks. When I want magic, when I want to feel peace, when I want serenity, when I want to feel good about myself, the world, and my place in it – this is where I go. Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to come across people whose light is big, and warm, and bright enough to light up your dark places. Brynne is one of those truly amazing people who see things with such love and such beauty – you can’t help but feel it too. She blesses me with her presence, and she blesses the world with her special Brynne magic.

2. Nuggets and Pearls

Marcia – what can I say about this wonderfully sweet lady who goes by the alias of CHRISTINE. It is an inside joke that you’d have to read in the comments here and ask Harry about. She brightens my day and never fails to make me smile – she looks pretty darn cute too !!!!!!!!!!!

Becoming Herself

Now you, my friend, have gone, and I have become a different person, or rather, the person I once was. I am myself again.  

And you, of course: wise and kind. But you’re too close to this strange, slow unravelling; this new, unfamiliar cloth stitched from the old, and can’t advise. Otherwise, I would have asked.

This is about love and friendship; heartache and joy; loss and rediscovery.

This is just a taste of what you will find in this amazing piece of the universe. If you DON’T visit this blog – you will be poorer for it. Whenever a new post arrives – my heart is happy – for I know I will find a piece that makes my world a better place.

My Little Dog

Meet George. As Didi describes him: a little whippet with a cold nose, a warm heart and a wagging tail.

If my day is not going as I hoped – despite that sad face you see here – George and Didi never fail to bring a little joy and sunshine into it. You don’t need to be a dog lover before you check this blog out – cause by the time you leave, you will be…

Not Quite Dead Yet

From this branch of the tree of women who have loved you, I want to leave cumulative notes to analyze from experiences they have shared or discussed. I have been fortunate to have them in my life. Hopefully, one or more of us avoided some pain because we learned from each other.

These words – and all the others that form this wonderful chronicle will touch the deepest places of your heart. It inspires me to chronicle my thoughts for those I love. The stories also inspire me to strive for better.

Life Re-Connected

I’m taking stock. It’s that time of year. Almost exactly a year ago I felt my life couldn’t get any lower, slower, more black or painful. I was about to realise that wasn’t exactly the case as I went on to sign for a new house purchase and on walking in the door disappeared down a previously unseen black hole in the floor.

Penny’s latest post began with this. But each time I visit her blog I find joy. Joy in watching as she re-connects with the Penny of old, and the Penny that is out there searching for the new. She reminds me of the wonders that are there if we look for them.

Now I realise that this is nowhere near 15. But I am a PIRATE and we live by our own rules.

3.  Finally, tell readers 7 things about yourself. Other than the fact that I am an incredibly HOT pirate from downunder.


  1. I am terrified of falling. Not heights – I love flying – I have flown a small plane twice and a helicopter once. Man what a buzz those times were – but if I think I can fall – I shake, I tremble, I sweat. And I BUNGY JUMPED off a bridge just to prove to myself that I could conquer anything – even fear.
  2. I will not eat eggs from a battery hen. No matter how poor I am – and I love eggs. fried, poached, eggs benedict, scrambled, french toast, eggs in a hole, boiled – I love eggs. But battery hens make me burn with anger that we treat animals in such an inhumane way.
  3. I have broken my back twice. Yes – twice. I NEVER do anything half-arsed. The first time was on Easter Sunday, 2000, when I fell through a rotted floor. The second time was in December 2007 when I was out on Sydney Harbour and the boat I was in went over a wave and dropped a rather long way down. I still walk around – but sometimes it is at a somewhat slower pace.
  4. When I was a baby my Dad kidnapped me from my Mum’s house. He came for a visit and while she was otherwise occupied walked out the front door with me.
  5. In a comprehension test at school in year 5 I got 100%. The kids in my class, well actually their parents kicked up a stink about it saying that it wasn’t possible. They had no idea who they were talking about.
  6. Earlier this month I got a marriage proposal. Oh yes I did – and I said YES. If you want to know more  – well you need to read down into the comments section of this blog. I am still ROTFLMAO after that one. Start about comment 24…
  7. I have a twisted sense of humour. See number 6. There is not much that I can’t find fun in. It all comes from the fact that I was born in Australia, and have lived in New Zealand for 18 years. People from downunder are twisted because of the geography – we can’t help it. But by God – we are interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Of everyone in the blog-o-sphere you, my dear friend, are most deserving of the Versatile Blog Award. You take us amazing places (both within ourselves and in the world at large), you introduce us to amazing people (both imaginary and real), and with each post you share with us a little bit of the delectable spices that make your world….MAGIC. I adore you— entirely and thoroughly, and hope you take this award to heart. no one deserves it more.
    p.s. thank you so very much for passing it on to me. What a perfect way to end my favorite month of the year. Honored, Jo.:)


        1. Of ‘course’ they’re checking me out, for the same reason they’re checking you out, we’re Pirates! (and darn good look’n ones if ya be want’n me unbiased opinion. 🙂 )


  2. You are hilarious and indeed a very versatile blogger and this post just proves it! Well done and well deserved and thank you so much – I am completely honoured to be in this company – great new blogs for me to read too. Thank you, thank you Jo- you have made my day 🙂


  3. WOW Jo, This is just why I nominated you for the Award, for you truly do deserve it.. You put so much energy into your posts and never fail to make me smile and laugh a gift all on its own, And your presentation is excellent.. I am so pleased I stumbled upon your blog…
    Ouch!…. Breaking your Back Twice!…. yes you certainly dont do things by halves do you… I will be back to look at your Great Blogging friends upon your list tomorrow… Burning the midnight oil here again.. 🙂
    Hugs to you …Sue~ Dreamwalker


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