Gaddafi…and false power

Acting Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril has announced today that Col Muammar Gaddafi was taken alive, but died of bullet wounds minutes before reaching hospital.

Already videos of him asking for mercy are all over the web.

Photos of his bloodied corpse.

Photos of his hiding place with captions that make fun of him.

I’ve watched from afar as he played out his often deadly and heartbreaking whims on his people. And sometimes on the peoples of other nations.

It saddens me that once again potential became the sword of tragedy.

Gaddafi – although his opponents would have you believe different – was not a stupid man. As the leader of Libya he had the possibility to do great things. Great things for his people, great things for his country.

Libya is in the top 10 countries for proven oil resources.

In the 1980’s Libya was one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and its GDP per capita was better than New Zealand’s.

While Libya has problems with poor quality soil for agriculture and access to drinking water (a problem being addressed after the search for oil discovered huge aquifers of fresh water), Gaddafi had the opportunity to make Libya a great nation.

Instead, like so many others who battle the pull of corruption and lose, Gaddafi built himself an empire on the blood and broken bones of his people.

Today the people of Libya have within their grasp freedoms they not so long ago never expected to see. Many ordinary citizens of that land died in the pursuit of those freedoms.

It seems to me much wrongdoing and immorality comes from greed, and the need to control others.

Dominance and its evil are out there in so many forms. From the domestic arena, where one partner holds another captive through to the likes of Gaddafi. They do it all through the installation of fear in their victims.

Yet it remains a false power. For true power can only arise when it comes from a place of love and trust. Without those, it will always crumble and disintegrate. Yes – it may take time. But crumble it will.

With each dereliction of the duty that comes with power, the foundation, that these despots from all walks of lives have built for themselves, weakens. They ignore their responsibilities – the very things that serve to strengthen bonds between themselves and others.

And because they are blind to their own actions, days such as today happen. Days when false power is brought down and people can begin to rebuild their lives.

On days like today – I celebrate that for once the good guys are winning, but I mourn the capacity that exists within us as a species that makes days like today necessary at all.


  1. it will be intersting to see what plays out over the coming weeks in Libya…been watching the updates tonight..some pretty harrowing video…will the next be just as scary? there is always a next…


    1. I doubt we will ever know Wendy. When we all start out with such innocence and purity of spirit – why do some lose their way and find themselves only when they are mired in the blood of the innocents – not something I will ever understand. And that is something I am glad for…


  2. Hmm always makes me wonder how peop with suh cruelty come into power….. Ho one person can bring down a entire nation.. shocking!

    I luved the way u tried answering this questions n putting them in a perspective….

    what remains to be seen is what will unfold in next few months there….


  3. Another mad man gone ! It was about time. The once who were born when he started, don’t even know what freedom means !
    Don’t answer me on your blog, I never come back once I have read and commented. It would take too much time, but you can reach me per email.


  4. As someone once said “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

    Today the planet is a better place without this tyrant. Let us hope that Libya embraces its freedom and the chances it now has to be a better place for all its citizens – never mind which side they fought on. Because many who fought on ‘his side’ probably did so from a place of extreme fear.

    I hope the freedom fighters forgive them – for they have the power to do so and will be the better for it.


  5. I also have a post about Gaddafi and i show the video about the time he was killed, he got the punishment that he gave out to untold people.

    I do not feel one bit sorry for him, his sons or any-one else.

    Another award Jo, omg πŸ™‚


  6. I’m with John! Here’s hoping the trend continues! With all the love we are sending in at least one case, its bound to sooner, rather than later:)


  7. Thought-provoking, Jo. I love:

    For true power can only arise when it comes from a place of love and trust. Without those, it will always crumble and disintegrate. Yes – it may take time. But crumble it will.

    That is SO true!


  8. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Whoever controls the military , rules the country. Whoever controls the media, controls the hearts and minds of the people. This is the recipe for a dictatorship to succeed.

    Cheers, Jo Bryant !


  9. Brilliant post Jo.. and Im reminded of that saying” What goes around comes around”.. and the time for change is happening around the world… Unfortunately before the old powers of control and greed can be wiped away, we will see many brave people put themselves into dangerous situations as they topple those who rule using Fear as Control factors..
    But I believe 100% that Change will come but not before we think the world has lost its it goes a little mad..
    The World cannot carry on, on its present course of destrution, using Greed and power to control.. We have to regain the balance.. But before that happens like another saying ” Its always Dark before the Dawn Light.” Untiy, standing together as people around the world are gradually doing as they hold their protests 82 countries took part in protests about the Bankers and financial markets etc.. the power lies with the ordinary people as we have seen who toppled Gaddafi.. And I feel in my bones we are here to witness many more such changes..


  10. Well said, Jo. I really don’t think he started out to be the tyrant he became (consider that when he came to power he did so with a “blood-less” coup, instead of a violent one), but absolute power did indeed have its wicked way with him. I am glad he is gone, but fear another one will take his place. The world does not lack for greedy, power-hungry dictators with the means to oppress people. It is still all too prevalent all over the globe in other places. But at least there will be peace (if only temporarily) in Libya for a time. Would that all nations could enjoy peace.


    1. No-one starts out to be a tyrant – he was probably a cute little boy – but somewhere they lose their way. And because they do others suffer – such a waste of potential. 😦


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