Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

After having spent a week camping in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, with only enough water for drinking, plus one cup per day to clean teeth and wash with, the opportunity to wash my hair at this petrol station was too tempting – within minutes the rest of the women on the truck were happily following my example.

The locals had been crossing the street when we came near, to avoid the smelly white folk – and this provided them with a good dose of laughter.

These guys decided to make their own opportunity. We came upon a stretch of road where a tree had fallen across. It was too heavy to move, and as we stood pondering a solution out they jumped from the jungle, offering to chop away with their machetes to rid the road of the tree – for a price of course. The tree cleared, we paid them and drove away only to look back to see them already busy felling another tree for the next group of unwary travellers.

Of all the animals I have encountered these birds would have to be the most opportunistic of the animal kingdom.

The Vultures.

This post is part of postaweek 2011 Weekly Photo Challenge.

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  1. Great entry! I don’t think I’d want go camping in Ngorongoro Crater with only enough water for drinking (plus one cup per day). But, if I had lots of money and could afford to stay in a luxury hotel or lodge, it sounds like a wondrous place to visit (per the link in your article). Great photos and article!


  2. I have a feeling you hair didn’t stay fresh for long in that heat Jo! The tree chopping incident is hilarious and so African – absolutely love it! Vultures are vile creatures, I’ve seen them round the rubbish dumps as well as in the bush, but their opportunism performs a vital function. Great post that really does the job!


    1. It was pretty hot Gilly – one day the thermometer in the truck broke because it was so hot…
      I like vultures – they can be beautiful once you spend enough time just watching them…
      Glad you liked this.


  3. What a lovely entertaining read. Amazing what we do without water. It is so precious that nothing can live without it and yet we in the west have taken it for granted for so long now. Soon everyone will realise exactly how precious a commodity it is.
    A great story and good pics. Very clever of those guys to fell a tree and then come to the rescue… for a price. 😉


    1. I am happy you enjoyed it.
      They were much cleverer than us – we never suspected that they were behind our dilemma until it was too late…hehehe


  4. I think vultures deserve a much better reputation. Just think what modest and undemanding creatures they are — only eating what’s dead anyway, not harming anyone and doing good in the bargain. If people were more like vultures, the world would be in much better shape. Love the pics…


    1. You have a valid point – I liked the vultures – they are quite beautiful to look at – very sutble colours, and majestic in the way they move.


  5. You always add such excellent pictures on your postings Jo
    and I can see from this following that I am not the only one to
    appreciate them 🙂 Have a lovely rest of day and evening 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


  6. Very nice! I want to see that first photo in a shampoo ad. The rest of the photos are great too, especially the vultures… opportunistic birds for sure!


  7. Always opportunities – next time take a tank 😉 Are you sure those birds are Vultures? They look very like the gulls loitering over Wingate and Finchley at the moment 😉 Interesting post – I enjoyed reading it and looking at the photos 🙂


  8. your first story image gave me a big smile!
    the others are great intrepretations of opportunity as well! thanks for sharing.
    and thank you also for taking the opportunity to stop by my blog. much appreciated 🙂


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