Lions on the Edge

Seriously – this for real.


It is called…

“Lions on the Edge”

and it is an experience you pay money for in Australia.

So now he has finished the meat that was on the bonnet of the car…do you notice he is licking his lips ?

Who’s next on the menu I wonder ?

Nobody !!! Phew huh ??

Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria has an exhibit where you get the feeling of being up close and personal without risking a limb or two.

There is a giant glass (I imagine it is fortified) screen that runs through the bonnet.

Zoos sure have changed since I was a kid !!



47 thoughts on “Lions on the Edge”

  1. Whew…. You had me on this one! I couldn’t imagine going to a zoo like that, and was very relieved to see that there is a glass (glass???) that separates the visitor from the kittycats. πŸ™‚


  2. OMG I was totaly shocked looking at the smiling grandma. The uncontained mirth of those two people in the front. Then I saw the picture showing the glass. PHEW! What a relief! The world is not that crazy after all. hahahahah


      1. You just reminded me of the funniest video I have ever seen. (Pee your pants funny). But it was on tv. Im gonna search around the web, see if I can find it for you.


        1. well I couldnt find the one where a short woman has come loose from her saftey shoulder bar while the husband laughed with glee, but here is a close second. A mothers love. πŸ™‚


          1. me? hahah She is evil. haha. But I am pretty twisted. Ya know I was thinking, Other than his size, the lion looks a lot like a pet cat eating kibble. You know what I would pay for? If they had a glass floor under which a person could lie down below that meat. It would be a more thrilling experience for sure. The person whould get a closer understanding of what a Gazelle must feel like. lol


          2. Hahahahahahahahaha – oh yes – so twisted. Put a person UNDER the meat (okay I get it – glass and all) but man Sara – where do you get these thoughts from.
            LMAO again….


  3. Fantastic! What a magnificent beast! I understand why it’s called the king of all animals! Indeed the zoos are getting more and more interesting. Thanks for your visit to my blog. I think all royalties in Europe are changing for the better. All crownprinces of Europe are married to commoners( the British, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Belgian, and Spanish princes).


    1. She certainly looked like it – I was wondering if she was short a few sandwiches in the picnic basket when I first saw it,until I realised the glass was there. I have to say – I would have been laughing just as hard !!!


  4. Yes I have seen these before somewhere, I guess
    there is safety behind the glass but i bet it’s still very
    scary don’t you think? πŸ™‚ lol Groooooooooooooowl πŸ™‚

    Androgoth XXx


      1. I have just been to your new site but as I am not with
        FB or Twitter it was impossible for me to support you on
        the delightful photograph competition… However it is a
        most wonderful offering and I wish you well even though
        my vote of confidence doesn’t really count for much here πŸ™‚

        Have a lovely rest of evening Jo

        Androgoth XXx


        1. Well thank you for trying. I appreciate it πŸ™‚ Apparently when voting starts you can text your vote through – but no matter – it’s the thought that you went to the trouble that thrills me…


          1. I echo Androgoth in this. I loved them, and had a lot to say about them too, but the only way to leave comments was FB so I couldnt do anything. Im sorry.


  5. Omg! I first thought that the lion’s gonna jump on them! But then I realized there was a glass between them…hahaha (whew!) But quite scary for me though. Nice post πŸ™‚


  6. Pfffft! ! ! * wipes sweat*

    On first 2 pics, I was like, WTH, they look so casual and relaxed ! Wha!!!! That’s a big , hungry lion right under their noses? Then * sigh of relief *, it’s a zoo and there’s a glass barrier, and there’s a baby pram right there. LOL

    Thanks ! that was really good ! !


  7. My first thought was, What the heck! That old lady is going to get eaten by a lion and she’s smiling about it!
    Thanks for getting my blood pumping today Jo.


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