L is for Liaison

lost in the quiet noise, the water rolls

over the sand, rocking the minute

grains in an ancient lullaby, as the

ocean croons its whispered melody a

path revels in the revealing,

haphazard, wild, unrestrained,

imperfect perfection

leads me to the place my heart


Liaison (noun)

  1. communication, Communication between two parties or groups.
  2. Co-operation, working together.
  3. A relayer of information between two forces in an army or during war.
  4. A tryst, romantic meeting.
  5. (figurative) An illicit sexual relationship or affair.

Translations: Etymology: From French, liaison “binding”, from ligatio (stem ligation-), derived from ligare “to bind”.

My post for ABC Wednesday


  1. Minute/time…minute/little…at first I was thinking of grains of sand in an hour glass; my brain is really tired…if there’s minute grains, are there hour grains? Never mind me….it is a lovely poem.


  2. I associate liaison with a liaison officer at work who forgot to do her job and got me stuck in another country for 3 days. By the way when I typed liason (exactly the way it appears on your title) a red zigzag appeared under it. Is it just the computer or was the spelling deliberate on your part… just wondering.

    Nice poem: “ancient lullaby” and “revels in the revealing” are my favorites.

    – Hazel


    1. No – that was an oopsie on my part – now hastily rectified. Thanks for pointing it out.
      Thanks Hazel – glad you found something other than an error in it as well.


  3. I think I’ve been to the Bay of Plenty. Isn’t that it on the top eastern side of the North Island. Only been to New Zealand once . I was fascinated by the fields of deer and couldn’t imagine how the farmer kept them in the field. Great ‘L’s


    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for saying that my poems inspire you – that is such a wonderful thing to hear. 🙂
      I think you should write more poems too – the world needs more poems !!


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