After the storm

On the Thursday before Good Friday, what was supposed to be ‘a bit of rain’ hit parts of New Zealand. Katikati got its fair share.

I am not complaining though. One friend in Matamata made the news. Her roof and ceiling blew off and the damage to her home is substantial. Over at Mount Maunganui another friend had part of her roof take off as well.

Hence the no complaints part. My house may not be new, but it stayed in one piece.

After I went for a walk around the town. This is some of what I found.

First a wee video I made, complete with music for your viewing pleasure.

I also took a few snaps of Katikati while I was about.

I did notice that both domestic pets and the local bird life thought it was actually pretty darn good. Except for one poor duck. I wanted to jump in and give him a hand.

It was all over before evening came so just to show us how awesome she is, in case we didn’t get that fact with the storm, Mother Nature put on a rather beautiful sunset.

katikati katikati

Until next time…don’t forget it is World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Well done to India for banning lab testing for cosmetics !!!

Safe New Zealand

Although this video was made a few years back…sadly today it is still happening in labs around the world. Including New Zealand where it is all done in great secret, and even done so that idiots can take party pills.

For six months, a PETA undercover investigator worked in an Ohio lab where beagles were force-fed Oxycontin, a drug that had already been tested on animals and had been on the market in the U.S. for decades. The tests were conducted ostensibly to satisfy Japanese regulatory requirements.  – Peta




  1. And I just heard on the Radio a slip in the Karangahake Gorge! It was wild and woolly up in Auckland too – but it was indeed a wonderful sunset (the ferry commute was a bit bumpy). Glad you came through ok. Enjoy this long weekend. 🙂


  2. That river sure is high: I observe the truck crossing the bridge with caution – as it should !! The water is running so fast … Nature has gone insane. We did it; well, we exacerbated any cyclical tendency. And back here in Oz, our rabble of wicked children (“the government”) continues to claim it’s all in the mind.


  3. Whoa! Sorry for your friends, but glad you’re ok. Reminds me of the menacing Hurricane Sandy we had here. Mother Nature has some sick sense of humor. Now, I hope I haven’t ticked her off!
    Be well, Jo.


    1. It seems to be getting worse. But a greedy council letting people build on floodplains doesn’t help.
      Here in NZ it goes on a lot…but they refuse to make it public…what they do and why. It makes me sick.


  4. Glad you and your home ok. I felt very lucky to get away with a few hours’ power loss and longer than usual traffic jams.


      1. 🙂 having just spent a few days out of Auckland, I’m starting to think that small town NZ is where I want to be.


          1. I’m starting to feel the same way. Too many people, disconnected from each other and not tied by any sense of community. You can see the dislocation in everything from driver behaviour to vandalism. Not saying bad things don’t happen in the rest of NZ – far from it – but up here we’re starting to behave like rats in an overcrowded cage.


          2. I will admit I want to move to a city…but a smaller one. Health reasons mostly. I am looking at Napier. I lived there for a while years ago and loved it.


          3. Love Napier! I don’t think the rural life suits me, but I would definitely like to live somewhere with fewer people and more sense of community.


          4. Cool!

            I really must make it to the Deco Weekend sometime. A friend who’s into swing dancing goes every year and has a brilliant time.


          5. He he. That’s what we said just after Xmas; still working on them 😦 Hope your “few things” go faster than ours.


  5. Here I am, in my little oblivious bubble, Jo 😦 The sight of cars swimming always makes you a tad nervous but those poor houses!

    Earth day? I think she rules!


  6. Glad to hear you and the fur babies survived the storm. So sorry to hear about your friends and everyone who was affected. Nature can be cruel but that sunset kinda makes up for it.

    Animal cruelty — I don’t even know what to say. it make me sad, angry, frustrated … I’m going to give Att and Miles a hug.


  7. I hopped over to YouTube and enjoyed how you put this together along with excellent music.. 🙂 Looks a little like the UK did all of last year.. Thankfully we live on a Hill! 🙂 xxx


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