Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

IMG_1567This is just the perfect challenge as you all know I love to photograph my fur babies.

Well this week New Zealand’s Paw Justice led what was called the ANIMAL STRIKE yesterday.

Why ????


Because our dumbarse government has decided two really stupid things lately [actually there are a load of dumbarse things but these are two of the dumbest].

  1. To legalise party pills
  2. To not only allow but REQUIRE testing of party pills on animals so the dumbarse idiots who take them can do so safely



Most New Zealanders are against this. But as per usual our government thinks we are a bunch of children who do not really know what we want or what we are talking about.

So yesterday a call to action came.

And animals all over the country went on strike…including mine.

IMG_1583And some one else some of you may remember I like to take photos of wanted in on the act.

Misty is very unimpressed with our government.

IMG_1564Even if personally she is not all that keen on dogs in her vicinity.

Now…one more of my beautiful girl who I turned in to a poster child.

Sign_generic copy



  1. Great post and strike photo’s Jo. I can’t believe that people who are supposed to ‘lead’ a country can think that way. Disgusting, really! They should be ashamed of themselves! Dogs don’t go to these ‘parties’. Let them test it on those idiots who want it. *hugs*


  2. Thanks to all your beautiful animals for their activism and posing for these wonderful photos.
    I STILL can’t believe this is really true!!! I thought we had some bad people in government…how can they possibly see any positive reasons for this action??? How is this not animal abuse??!


  3. So totally unfair and shocking when they don’t get the choice . Crass decision making .
    ps Your fur babies are the tops Jo 😉


  4. Such wonderful photos of your babies (and Misty, too!). I don’t understand why animals have to suffer for human stupidity. What kind of “party pills” are we even talking about? Ecstacy? Speed? Regardless, if people want to party, then fine, whatever, but to test those things on animals should be illegal, with very stiff fines and penalties on anyone who does it. Thank goodness there are SOME humans (and pets) out there willing to give them all a voice!


  5. You know Jo, those who we vote into power we do so because we think they are intelligent and can run the country effectively, now I propose we should also have the right to revoke our votes and toss those idiots who pass such laws out on their ears. Maybe we could put them in cages and inject and spray and feed those who want to Party their little hearts out all night so they could see first hand how it feels to be guinea pigs, in our test-tube world….

    Hope the Strike was unanimous

    Love Sue xoxox


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