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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White or Sepia Tones

This is one I did for my 365 Club Self-Portrait Challenge. For Cee’s challenge I changed it by adding a sepia tone. I am not sure which one I like better. Which one do you prefer ?

14 - 13.2.2013
The wings were added in Gimp with a brush that was sourced from ‘hawksmont’ at deviantART.



58 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White or Sepia Tones”

  1. I loved this one, until I looked again at the first one, and have decided I like the other one best!

    I’m funny about sepia, I lie trying it out but am rarely happy with the results!


      1. I am a bit the same with sepia. I like my back better on this one. The wings are less defined, but I think I do prefer the other image. I just have to smudge the wings a bit more on my back to blend them i think.
        I am really enjoying the challenge though – of coming up with a different image every day. And I am learning so much about the camera and what I can do with it !! it is cool as well that the other guys in the challenge are really helpful and full of experience. They don’t mind explaining how they did what they did to this ignorant little Kiwi !!!


      1. The chemical sepia attacks the various tones better, and if you have a really good contrasty picture the results are really enhanced. Haven’t tried a comparison, i.e. print a digital image on paper and sepia that. I just find the digital sepia to be insipid mostly, even with contrasty shots.


      1. I don’t know. The first one seemed a little schmaltzy to me. The sepia conveys a sense of gravitas. With your back to the camera, you are looking forward, and the future is always a bit murky, isn’t it?


  2. I really do like them both and it’s hard to choose. It’s the wings. Different but both giving you that finishing touch. I vote door number one AND two 😀
    P.S, then you lost me at Gimp and hawksmont and deviantart. DANG I wish I knew about that stuff!


    1. Thanks Gemma !! GIMP is a photoediting software like Photoshop only free. Hawksmont is the person who made the wings [as a brush you can use in GIMP…kinda like a stamp], and put them up on deviantART for others to use.


  3. It was hard to decide, but I like the colors in the other one better. This one is nice and has more of a chalk pastel feel to it, which would explain the softness, but I just like the colors in the other one. LOVE that you used dragon wings instead of feathery ones. 😉


    1. I rock back and forth between them depending on my mood. I knew you would like the dragon wings…they had a lot more substance than angel wings…oh dear I hope Cas isn’t listening.


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