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It’s hard to be thankful ??

Not according to Nick Vujicic…

This is wonderful…the reaction from the kids is beautiful to see.


37 thoughts on “It’s hard to be thankful ??”

  1. i’ve always loved the videos, whenever i encounter his vids on any site i always watch it, very inspirational and somehow i get teary-eyed watching how he made the kids be inspired..


  2. Wow…that puts a lot of things into perspective. Some people are so incredibly strong and full of life it’s hard not to be inspired by them. And he’s a better swimmer than me.


  3. Jo I have watched many video’s with Nick and each time I am moved to tears through the inspiration of the man… I think that is his mission in life my dear friend… Some are born to Give…. and show us what Life is all about…. He puts many of us to shame…
    Love and Blessings to you Jo.
    Sue xox


      1. Agreed Jo… and so nice that he got married too… and is about to be a DAD..
        The video I once watched of him which I remember most was him saying how lucky every one was, as they had arms to hold a loved one close… His wish he said to hold the one in his arms would never be, but he said He still held the thought of one day that some one would fall in love with him for who is was… And I think from listening to that interview He has found his love and she hers…
        long may they be Happy.. πŸ™‚


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