Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition

As I might have mentioned…Chronicles of Illusions has been nominated in the Lifestyle/Personal Blogs Category.

It is also entered in the People’s Choice Awards.

If you want to vote for Chronicles of Illusions just click on the pretty button above and follow directions.

Chronicles is on page 1. A – E

Anyone can vote from any country and you do not need to register or be a member of any social websites.

If you are on Twitter #bestblogs2012 is the competition Twitter hash-tag…should you wish to pass the word around.

Heck…I’m an Aussie…I’ll take anything at all.

So wish me luck people.

And you can vote for more than 1 – you just have to do it at the same time…highlighting those blogs you want to vote for.

Reason I am telling you this is a friend with an AWESOME blog – Love Versus Goliath is also listed in the People’s Choice.

Do me a favour and vote for Robyn as well !!!

She deserves it !!


  1. You have a vote from me. This is my second vote, this morning to be honest. I am wishing all of my friends on this blog the best of luck in this contest. 🙂


    1. That is terrific…I love that you don’t have to pick just one to vote for and can include the blogs you like. I know I want to vote for more than one.
      Thank you for voting for me…that is so nice of you !!!


    1. Awwwwwwwwwww thanks Russell. Don’t be too disappointed…it would be great of course – but being nominated is a great honour and life shouldn’t be taken too seriously…it just gives you wrinkles.


  2. Thank you for the shout out, Jo. I really appreciate it. I voted for you today too, I think I tweeted that, so confused! Hope lots vote for both of us! 944 they say in People’s Choice.


        1. I know !!!
          And some people seem to be on there all day and night twittering really inane stuff.
          I guess then i am glad I miss 75% of it !!!


          1. There is a program you can get that will tweet for you on a schedule – THAT is how some of them appear to be there all day. I think there are also some that actually ARE there all day!


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