Australian music I grew up with: 1970 – 1975

I am an Aussie sheila – and the influential years were spent in Sydney listening to the greatest bands in the world – Aussie bands. Their words are my bones and their music is the blood that runs through my veins.

I want to share some of them with you – because you are poorer for not knowing they existed, for not hearing the magic that came from the stages they stood on.

It was really in the seventies that music began to become important to me. So it is the seventies – as I heard them in Sydney I will share with you here.

In 1970’s there were lots of  songs that I want to share with you. I am going to stick to two for each year – which seems like a lot, but you are missing out if you don’t watch them. I’d love to share more but you might not hang around that long…

The top selling Australian singles for 1970 were:

  1. In The Summertime – The Mixtures
  2. Knock Knock Who’s There? – Liv Maessen
  3. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head – Johnny Farnham
  4. Old Man Emu – John Williamson
  5. Smiley – Ronnie Burns
  6. Two Little Boys – Rolf Harris
  7. I Thank You – Lionel Rose
  8. Yellow River – Autumn/Jigsaw
  9. Boom Sha La La Lo – Hans Poulsen
  10. Turn Up Your Radio – Master’s Apprentices

My two favourites…

)n to the top Austrailian hits for 1971:

  1. Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool
  2. The Pushbike Song – The Mixtures
  3. Daddy Cool – Drummond
  4. I Don’t Know How To Love Him – Helen Reddy
  5. Banks Of The Ohio – Olivia Newton-John
  6. Eleanor Rigby – Zoot
  7. Love Is A Beautiful Song – Dave Mills
  8. I’ll Be Gone – Spectrum
  9. Falling In Love Again – Ted Mulry
  10. Bonnie Please Don’t Go – Kevin Johnson

My top two..

Are they not the coolest ???

I want a pair of Ted’s pants !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1972 – fourteen years old – so much drama at that age – it is of course reflected in my song choice.

The top 10 Aussie songs were:

  1. Boppin’ The Blues – Blackfeather
  2. Most People I Know (Think That I’m Crazy) – Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs
  3. Day By Day – Colleen Hewett
  4. Captain Zero – The Mixtures
  5. So Tough – Johnny O’Keefe
  6. Shame and Scandal – Johnny Chester
  7. Ginger Man – Brian Cadd
  8. Marshall’s Portable Music Machine – Robin Jolley
  9. How Do Yo Do? – Jigsaw
  10. Run To Me – The Bee Gees

And my two are…

So me…then and now !!

1973 was a a discovery year…

The top 10 Australian songs were:

  1. Heaven Is My Woman’s Love – Col Joye
  2. Delta Dawn – Helen Reddy
  3. I Am Woman – Helen Reddy
  4. You Don’t Own Me – Ormsby Brothers
  5. World’s Greatest Mum – Johnny Chester
  6. Your Mama Don’t Dance – Bootleg Family Band
  7. Suzie Darling – Barry Crocker
  8. Cassandra – Sherbet
  9. Neither One Of Us – Linda George
  10. Venus – Jamie Redfern

These were favourites…

Roll on 1974. the year I turned 16. I fell in love twice that year.

Top Australian hits for 1974 were:

  1. Evie (Part 1) – Stevie Wright
  2. Farewell Aunty Jack – Grahame Bond
  3. Can’t Stop Myself From Loving You – William Shakespeare
  4. Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) – Helen Reddy
  5. I Love You, I Honestly Love You – Olivia Newton-John
  6. The Lord’s Prayer – Sister Janet Mead
  7. I Am Pegasus – Ross Ryan
  8. He’s A Rebel – Debbie Byrne
  9. Hey Paula – Ernie Sigley & Denise Drysdale
  10. Would You Lay With Me – Judy Stone

The first love of that year was…

I cheated a little – it’s the whole thing…but worth it people – worth it.

I also fell for a flesh and blood fella…he was a Sagittarius – and he sure had wings…

Now this was not in the top ten – but I just couldn’t leave these guys out..

Well since you have stuck it out – the best is coming. 1975. For many reasons, love, leaving school, 1975 was a pivotal year for me. it is perhaps reflected in the music…

Top 10  Australian hits were:

  1. Summer Love – Sherbet
  2. Horror Movie/Carlton – Skyhooks
  3. Newcastle Song – Bob Hudson
  4. Bony Moronie – Hush
  5. My Little Angel – William Shakespeare
  6. You’re My World – Daryl Braithwaite
  7. Ego Is Not A Dirty Word – Skyhooks
  8. All My Friends Are Getting Married – Skyhooks
  9. Yesterday’s Hero – John Paul Young
  10. If You Love Me – Olivia Newton-John

The last two for the night…

Did you notice the really hot looking keyboard player – oh God I used to…

And now for the band I was obsessed with. Completely, totally, out of my mind, they could do no wrong obsessed…

Now this is just too much of a classic not to be included, so for all the Aussies out there: FAREWELL AUNTY JACK – just because…

Australian Music I grew up with: 1976 – 1979


    1. Oh dear Harry – that is the reason I put this up – because most were never famous anywhere but Australia – and they were just as good as many overseas musicians.


    1. It has been a hoot watching all the old clips. The likes of Daryl Braithwaite in satin and with NIPPLES showing – wait until John Paul Young has a turn…I was expecting a comment on my SKYHOOKS obsession from you. I still remember driving you mad in the Randwick house, playing them over and over and over again…hehehe


    1. Hey Sue – I am working my way up to a 1976 – 1979, then into the 1980’s and so on – it is not that I don’t like music from today – but man I still love the old stuff…hope I introduced you to some good old aussie music…


  1. I hate to admit that I am an 80s fan. My love ones tease me all the time about this. I’m always looking for music suggestions. Thanks for giving me so many bands and singers to look into.


    1. Well they are ALL great picks my friend…

      Bet a lot of people don’t know the Beeb Birtles (bass player from Little River Band) and Rick Springfield were members of ZOOT. Zoot were reforming for the Rick Springfield and friends cruise from November 5-10 this year.


  2. Great work Jo. I’ve always Loved Skyhooks and Ego is not a dirty word – in fact I’m sure I’ve posted a YouTube video of theirs somewhere as well.

    Well, Harry, you should listen to them! Broaden your horizons! 😆

    I arrived in OZ in Feb 1974, so some of this I wasn’t even up with. Great restrospective.


      1. Read the words Harry – listen to the music and maybe, just maybe you’ll broaden those horizons a little – you’re never too old to get a little culture.


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