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Let’s get this out there first. I love The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I have from the first moment I read the first book Cross-Stitch. I still have that book. It has been read so many times that pages are falling out of it, but I will never part with it. As I sit… Continue reading Outlander


Hatfields & McCoys

Where Kevin Costner is concerned it doesn’t take much to get me excited. I am completely and utterly biased about the man. He has Demigod status in this household. So, that said…if you don’t appreciate the genius that is Kevin…leave now and forever hold your piece. Just recently Kevin won an Emmy Award for Best… Continue reading Hatfields & McCoys

Funny Stuff

Russell Brand and the sex line…

Russell was on the Graham Norton Show when they came up with an unusual task - which only he could make this funny... Shared with others interested in some humour over at Funny Bunny's Friday Post  


The mysterious hero…

I’m a hero kind of girl. Some like the bad boys – I can see the attraction. Me though, I like someone who will save the girl every time. Growing up I was glued to the TV (when we finally got one) watching Superman as he saved Lois, again, and again, and again – well… Continue reading The mysterious hero…

The Book

My hero has green eyes, a kink in his nose, and dislikes the colour red !

How often have you wondered about what brought the characters in a book to the first time they appear on a page? I do all the time. We don’t get to meet them until they are crucial to the story. But who are they? Why do they behave the way they do? What do they… Continue reading My hero has green eyes, a kink in his nose, and dislikes the colour red !