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A Dash of Reality

What do you get when you combine a sporting franchise run by an egotistical bozo that is feeling the economic downturn, a female billboard model on the verge of getting fired, and a reality TV show? A Dash of Reality. Tauranga based author Lee Murray’s newest book comes under the ‘chic-lit’ heading. So I opened… Continue reading A Dash of Reality


Hatfields & McCoys

Where Kevin Costner is concerned it doesn’t take much to get me excited. I am completely and utterly biased about the man. He has Demigod status in this household. So, that said…if you don’t appreciate the genius that is Kevin…leave now and forever hold your piece. Just recently Kevin won an Emmy Award for Best… Continue reading Hatfields & McCoys

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What happens after the moment ?

  This morning I read a review of Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire. It wasn't a good review but then the reviewer is a Twilight fan. Yes I know !! I have said I like Twilight and I love Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, but they are two completely different's like comparing Brad Pitt… Continue reading What happens after the moment ?


To Justin or not to Justin…

Sometimes... I am surprised. Last night was one of those times. I watched "Never Say Never", the Justin Bieber movie, or rather documentary of his whoosh into the world of superstardom. Let's be clear. I will probably never buy a CD of his, I will never go to a concert, and I will never faint… Continue reading To Justin or not to Justin…