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New Zealand is as racist as F**!

There is an article in the New Zealand Herald that got me thinking this morning. It helped me think about something else than the chaos in my home from kitchen renovations. More on that later. Siena Yates: TV3's in house war over Taika's racist comment. This is a good take on racism here in New… Continue reading New Zealand is as racist as F**!

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T is for Tacent

Tacent # unsociable truths buttoned up, muted silentious racism, hidden inconversable destruction, daily decimation as a voiceless world watches close-mouthed, evacuate these fields hush its people with restrained violence noiseless vacuum strike them dumb ’til they are voiceless, their children curbed into unsociable restraint  *** Tacent = silent Synonyms: bashful, buttoned up, checked, clammed up,… Continue reading T is for Tacent

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I is for Infumate

is it possible that’s what racism feels like ??????????? where the world seems burnt out from under your feet, they take your children raise ’em to be good white folks ban ’em from swimming pools deny returned soldiers entry to clubs assimilate assimilate assimilate breed out the traces of the past the heritage the customs… Continue reading I is for Infumate