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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

New Year's Eve 2011 is here... So while you stroll through the photos how about a little ABBA !!! It's also summer here in New Zealand. Not that you'd know it today. This was issued by the Met Service for the area I live in - Bay of Plenty - plenty of rain - which… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

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X is for Xanthippe

*** the rooms are empty except for the memories of times squandered, a father she hungered for affection from a mother absent in all but the physical laid the foundation upon which her future was built, no touch was allowed past the barriers, a steely glare and sharp words formed high walls and sculpted loved… Continue reading X is for Xanthippe

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W is for Wasserman

wind beat against his chest, sandy bullets scouring flesh from his body salt crusting a white outline of his features, long lashes framing dulled eyes, that heard her tears as they’d fallen on the shoreline felt her cries rush in over the waves, saw straining wood drum out its creaking rhythm, as it rung out… Continue reading W is for Wasserman

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U is for Unbosom

adultery a family tree of knotted ebony broken branches in the elements addiction parallel existences touching ? never criminal but when ferocious storms strike unspeakables buried in dense foliage violence 'shush' the wind whispers and rushes to cover the sound envy one small sound growing searching for light clean air hate a place to cleanse… Continue reading U is for Unbosom

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Q is for Quiddity

I came up in a time men were men didn't wear no earrings ain't hard to figure out I came up in Martin Luther King's time rough you take away the ass whuppin's you get people wearin' pants below their belly buttons nobody knows where the nose goes when the door's closed called me ugly… Continue reading Q is for Quiddity

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

After having spent a week camping in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, with only enough water for drinking, plus one cup per day to clean teeth and wash with, the opportunity to wash my hair at this petrol station was too tempting - within minutes the rest of the women on the truck were happily following my… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity