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My effort to make Katikati SAFE !!!

I know I am stating the obvious here - but Jo Bryant is an animal lover. I am a member of a few animal welfare groups - one of them is SAFE. Safe does much in the way of educating both everyday people and [hopefully] our government about the plight of New Zealand's animals. Sadly… Continue reading My effort to make Katikati SAFE !!!

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Sunday Post: Pleasure

Sometimes it is little things that give you the most pleasure. Watching these guys this morning did it for me. *** *** This is part of Jake's Sunday Post: Pleasure over at Time After Time ***

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The Colour of My Love

The possibilities that surround the beginning of love always seemed vivid purple to me. colours it’s what I remember skin – touch – love they’re entangled how it should be # I need your help. I’ve entered a photocompetition where I need your votes to get in to the top 5 for consideration. It is for Justin… Continue reading The Colour of My Love