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R I P my beautiful Crash.

I miss you already. I miss your silly antics. I miss the noise you filled my house with. I miss the love you filled my heart with. Today my heart is in pain...but I am so glad I knew you. R I P my beautiful Crash.

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Crash is in hospital.

My little boy Crash is not well. I rushed him in to the vet this morning. When I got him up he was on the floor of the cage, very lethargic and wobbly. In the past he has had respiratory infections. I came close to losing him when he was still a baby really. It… Continue reading Crash is in hospital.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Texture

Texture - according to Cee this week is about: "This first week is texture which is a touchy feely type sensation to me." There is nothing more touchy feely to me than an animals coat. So here are a few textures I love to feel under my fingers. And a few other textures I found… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Texture

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Because they loved me… Isobel is holding a Pet Remembrance Day at her blog in memory of Cat, her beloved moggie that she lost three years ago. She has inspired me to tell you about some of my dearly missed and always loved pets. The first pet I remember was a budgie. When he died I horrified my… Continue reading Because they loved me…

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The Secret Life of the Cat

So we have had dogs and their secret lives. A few of you mentioned wanting to see what cats are you go. For one week 50 cats were armed with cameras and GPS systems to show what they actually get up to when they go out their cat doors. It was one heck of… Continue reading The Secret Life of the Cat

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Wordless Wednesday


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

INSIDE In another time not of her making, something grew quietly and insidiously, taking over until it rang out her death knell, she knew no fear as she listened to the rhythmic pealing eventually, he had told her, we all seek our intrinsic selves ******** Now this week's weekly photo challenge was for capturing something/someone inside… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday